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The winner in this is Duane Woods, who has demonstated his integrity and leadership abilities.

I think a big loser in this fiasco is Grant Woods, who now looks like an idiot.

Grant Woods can forget any hopes of "higher office."

Let's face it: the people on the board of the Fiesta Bowl have always been there because it is one big party -- traveling to out-of-state games to see contenders, and then being on the VIP side of the rope line during the various events (read: parties). Clearly they provided no oversight.

As for Zidich. He's a smug SOB who wouldn't know a news story if he saw it, and clearly has never been too concerned about conflicts of interest. Have we already forgotten how he allowed his Scottsdale Republic honcho serve on the Chamber of Commerce board.

All that said.... kudos to Craig Harris for being relentless on this story. He may end up on the night cops shift when it is all over, but that's just the way Gannett works.

The big winner in this is Jerry Jones and Dallas. The fourth BCS bowl will be in Dallas in just a few years. The Valley will be left with a (taco) shell of a Fiesta Bowl ... I can't imagine that Frito-Lay/Tostitos will continue it's sponsorship.

Yup, Grant Woods, apparently couldn't find sugar in a sugar bowl, or payola in the Fiesta Bowl.

This is so sad on so many levels. The shear volume, extent, breadth and longevity of mis-use of funds/authority ... the levels of corruption, the layers of incompetence.

Can Glendale ever catch a break?

It is a sad day for Arizona. John Junker is not alone at the Fiesta Bowl who treated that organization and its funds like their own candy store. Their almost year-round expensive parties, lavishing gifts on themselves and their friends, attempts to buy influence--it's all a real shame. The many thousands of volunteers over the years (myself included) and the entire state which has supported the Fiesta Bowl have just had a major head slap.
Do we now refer to "political junkets" as "political junkers?"
Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary: junk-er: something of such age and condition as to be ready for scrapping.


Its a good thing that tostitos has a contract that signed them through 2014... So they dont have much of a choice the next 3 years. By then this will have blown over. It might not be a BCS bowl anymore but it will still be a bowl with all the out of state travelers coming in which is where AZ gets most of the tourism $ from this.

The major loss is no championship game here every 4 years....


Tostitos may be under contract through 2014, but you can bet that contract has some kind of early "out" if bowl officials commit illegal acts or otherwise damage the reputation of the event.

Let's not assume there will even be a BCS at all. Yahoo sports has a very good piece on how the Fiesta Bowl may be a part of a much larger problem. Jerry Jones may be sippin' Jim Beam right now, but he may be wishing for something that's gonna blow up soon. No excuse for Fiesta Bowl behavior, but college football is apparently full of corruption, and it's caught the attention of the authorities.


What I see is that what is essentially a few billion dollars worth of cash and influence came across a guy's desk over the past decade or two. Something less than ten thousands of a percent *may* have gone to politicians in our "citizen legislature" in a technically deficient way. Is anyone with a decade or two of experience in business or politics surprised at how *little* damaging information is actually in this report?

Reason # 681 why Government should stay the @#*! out of the sports business.

We need a Romney ala SLC....Jerry Colangelo are you too busy? We need you. The Wigwam would benefit from the BCS Championship here every 4 years, just sayin...

On a somewhat related note, as sad and depressing as this story is, the graphic that they've started attaching to stories covering the scandal is funny in a darkly comedic way.

I commented on Greg's later post. I'll just add that Zidich probably knows little about business, journalism or journalism ethics. He's not Walter Cronkite, for heaven's sake. He's a PUBLISHER!

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