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I agree that the opposition's supporters would be furious about a Tom Tancredo curriculum, but to say Tancredo is equally as radical as La Raza is either plain ignorant of La Raza or intentionally deceptive. There is no moral equivalency between an American political figure working to stop an invasion of our country and a racist organization seeking to overthrow our government and take back what they call "their land."
So be careful not to give him too much credit as he is obviously confused on the issue!

Here is the best paragraph in the editorial:

For those of us who saw the defeat of the five anti-immigration bills at the state Legislature as evidence of Arizona finally stepping away from the self-destructive urge toward extremism, the Tucson madhouse was depressing. It has the potential to bring all of Pearce's worst ideas roaring back.

When they take back 'their land' it will be exactly like the place they left, genius!
I give advance credit, once the mexican border moves far enough north, the Canadians will at least put up a fortified fence.

Yes the Tuscon madhouse was depressing wasn't it, because it was proof that we need to have anti-ILLEGAL-imigration laws!
Or are we trying to stop legitimate immigrants, who follow the imigration LAWS of this country now?

Dude, this post makes you sound like some kind of venal, simpering whiner with a Viagra-induced thing for the news business. Do you have some sort of venal motive in writing this post, or are you just scaling new heights of pedantry?

Just asking...


Don't read this blog much, do you?

Rarely if ever. But I know a height-scaling bomb thrower when I see one.


You people defending Greg just don't seem to be able to see him as he truly is. Why, I bet even Doug MacEachern would agree with me on this.

At the very least, you cannot deny that Greg occasionally simpers. Can't we all at least agree on that?

Only one I see simpering is you, Dewey

Dewey, right on man! You da purfect xample of projection, peace out bro!

Oh, an talks bout 'bomb throwin', U da Bomb!!

Dew take a break.Git a Whopper.

Dewey, don't forget, free Viagra if you join the Libyan army!!

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