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I always thought the John Edwards' name was ironic. Do you really mean to say that he is related to Jonathan Edwards?

As for the media and Fiesta bowl, Greg, you should know that modernists tend to define "truth" as that which promotes whatever good they currently find in favor. And, of course, Republicans are bad, Democrats are good -- or so we're told.

speaking of dems, did anyone find out where Pete Rios is living?

Is it weird that the strongest laws in the land, meaning ones where the punishment outweighs the crime, are the campaign finance ones?

Of course, these vague laws that are so unfair to the politicians were created by the, um, politicians... So even though I think you have a reasonable point, they really can't blame anybody but themselves, can they? The tortilla chips have come home to roost.

It seems like the campaign finance laws are more a mishmash of legislation and ballot initiatives, but I admit I haven't looked into that.

Either way, Greg is right on the money here. (No pun intended.)

Do I write out my "helping you keep your mistress' mouth shut until the election is over and your wife dies of cancer" check to your campaign, a PAC, an IE or a 527? Help? McCain-Feingold is silent on this important question, and the Supreme Court ducked it in Citizens United.

When you are taking flak, you know you are over the target. Russell Pearce so aggravates the left with all his successes against illegal immigration that they will continue to ignore others' discretions (most especially Dems) and concentrate on him. The media mentioned the others in an almost casual way but will continue to hammer on Pearce. It's what they do.

Puh-lese. Pearce got more than anybody and was the most brazen about it -- hooking up your son and his buddies? That's why he's gotten the most attention.

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