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Yeah, real epic. A law that no one enforces or pays attention to. And 1070 is a much different law - the rationale here won't carry over. And Greg...how come no love for the Ninth Circuit who got this one right? Because then you'd have to admit that they may have gotten 1070 right too.

We have a whole lot fewer caucasians working now that the hispanics have left. But, crime is much lower. No money and no one is stealing it.

Let's not get too excited until we actually see evidence that the law is being enforced, and being enforced fairly. Let's see if Sheriff Hoe only hits the Filibertos and Pei Wei restaurants, and ignores the same issue at our fancy resorts and upscale restaurants.

I think it's great. More illegals are moving to other states. I'm guessing that another wave of illegals are packing the car right now. when you are a lawbeaker you don't always expect the feds to come in and make it all better, you have survival skills, such as flight to avoid deportation.

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