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In the airports, there are signs to alert you to refuse if someone asks you to carry a bag for them. Maybe a similar warning is appropriate for politics..."has someone promised to reimburse you for this contribution?"

My favorite is how all the other bowls claim that the actions of the Fiesta Bowl Committee are an isolated event. When one of the investigators had taken a 10 day cruise on the Orange Bowl dime.

I'd like the Fiesta Bowl to give me my money back for the 1992 game between Tennessee and Penn State. I was dissatisfied with the ultimate outcome of the transaction. Do I qualify?

Hopefully the politicians will team up and tell them to do to themselves what they did to that gigantic tortilla chip on New Year's Eve that time.

Re: the 1992 Fiesta Bowl, I'll never forget sitting high up in the end zone, watching Penn State absolutely erupt in the 2nd half, and hearing the guy in front of me say to his buddy, "hey, we haven't heard 'Rocky Top' in awhile, eh?"

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