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Schweikert's appearance on CSPAN and on the House floor were like town halls for the country. This guy knows his numbers and he's not afraid to be honest --- and I appreciate that more than anything else!

I attended one town hall in Tempe and the mood was strait forward and honest. A conversation about the challenges we face. There is room to debate but Schweikert has these brilliant slides that bring everything back to the numbers.

We need leaders more than anything else now. Not cowards who hide from the facts. too many of those in Washington for sure.

Schweikert is keeping them honest.

We stand by you David to keep telling the truth!

David enlightens his freshman class and Republican leadership alike with common sense. These are the numbers. No smoke and mirrors.

He does have a life. I have seen him in church.

David's an excellent congressman. We're fortunate to have him in Washington. Hopefully other members will take some pages from his book....

At least we have to give the Republic credit for admitting that a conservative actually made an intelligent statement based on facts. I won't hold my breath for it happening a second time, though.

Here here. Great post Greg. Thanks for circulating.

Greg, we'll just hope that David's incredible wife doesn't read this story about David "having no life"...although it is true that David is the ultimate numbers guy...

Of course, if we had more former treasurers in Congress, we wouldn't be in this mess now.

Funny thing about the RAG's "Fact Check" is that when they are wrong, there's no comment section to correct them.

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