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I've been asking this question for a couple of months now. But I'm afraid my audience is just a few Twitter and Facebook followers. Even KPHO has been silent even though it's CBS that's been running the story.

I'm wondering when all the MSM folks who've been blaming gun store owners for shady sales practices will be publishing apologies.

I won't be holding my breath ...

Again, what happened to the J. Edgar Napolitano piece? It was a fresh perspective and one I'd wanted to point people to. Please bring it back, I'm intrigued.

Don't expect the MSM--or any portion of the Left--to apologize--for ANYTHING! Everything they do is based on their emotional committment to their cause and they view all their actions as necessary to their ends. Machiavelli would be proud.

The latest development, as reported by Sipsey Street Irregulars:

"Within the past few days DEA in Phoenix was survielling what they believed to be a dope load. A traffic stop was executed. The haul was not drugs but instead 50 to 60 AK-47’s, wrapped in cellophane and intended for Mexico that were purchased during Fast and Furious. DEA has the guns and ATF is reportedly scrambling to take possession of the guns from DEA to avoid further bad publicity."


Soooo, if you're involved in an ATF scandal, you are "reassigned" to the US Attorney's office and/or Washington, DC?

Friends of Janet?

Yes, they have entirely missed this story, because:

1) Guns are bad;

2) ATF "controls" guns, and

3) Dan Rather was off covering Girls Gone Wild on HDNet.

Good unreported story, remains unreported, because nobody cares about network snooze, except possibly next Maxim-editor-in-chief, Katie Couric!!!!

Hot Damn!

I hope someone stays on this. It's freaky what this administration is getting into just to make political points.

Let's get Mcain's daughter involved in the investigation (sarc), then we'll be sure to find out.......?

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