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Greg, aren't you scared that someday this guy might be dangerous if he ever discovers a typewriter and a dictionary? Then he might become a real threat to us fascists! /sarcasm off

My comment on the original post proved prophetic: "I can't wait to see the press release in April: "No, I was not able to collect even 1% of the required total, HOWEVER, I have collected almost 1,000 thumbs-ups from my hundreds of comments on AZCentral since the recall was announced.""

Leonard Clark--the Timmy Hogan wannabe. Both are noisy troublemakers who need to get real lives.

I'm looking at the petition application for Seel.... Am I seeing things, or does it say that he wants to recall his OWN COMMITTEE? (Read the heading carefully...)

Nope - his organizational skills haven't improved at all!


No, if you look closely, he wants to recall the "Committee to Recall the Racist REPRENSATIVE Carl Seel!", while his own recall committee is called the "Committee to Recall the Racist REPRENSENTATIVE Carl Seel!" Clearly Clark is trying to eliminate other recall committees with misspelled words from competition, in order to prevent confusion.

Ohhhhhhhh....... THAT explains it.

Serious question for any lawyers, though... Does this error actually prevent the petition - even if Clark did get enough signatures, which is highly doubtful - from being usable to recall Seel, since it doesn't specify him as the official being recalled?

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