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Yeah, we missed you while you were off doing good. Why, Tucson is even trying to form its own state. They are too enlightened to be in the same state with the rest of us, but, typical for them, they don't have the energy to leave, and since we're the ones with all the guns and the sherriffs with their own tanks and stuff, they probably realized they can't force us out.

I think it would be okay for them to be their own state if they want to, but they can't have the ring-tailed cat, our official mammal. They will have to get their own official mammal. We're keeping the ring-tailed cat.

Our local Starbucks has the new Trenta (30 oz.) platoon size. Try a couple of those and watch out.

Good to have you back online!

Whew. For a brief moment there, I figured that you had decided to try medical marijuana after all.

"I've tried to get the passion back with less caffeine. Last week I moved my copy of "Silent Spring" from by bookshelf to my desk. After all, Rachel Carson is a hero to the left, but banning DDT has killed upwards of 50 million people. Surely that will get me motivated? Nope."

That's complete crap. Banning the use of DDT on cotton crops in Texas killed no one. DDT has never been banned in Africa nor Asia, but it doesn't work very well, either.

As DDT use has declined, so have deaths from malaria -- probably no cause-effect relationship, but that makes it impossible to blame 50 million deaths on a lack of DDT. When DDT use was at its peak in 1959 and 1960, 4 million people a year died from malaria. WHO slowed DDT use when mosquitoes in Africa started showing resistance and immunity, in 1965. By 1969, WHO officially abandoned their ambitious program to eradicate malaria, forced by abuse of DDT by others.

In 1972, when the U.S. banned agricultural use of DDT, about 2 million people a year died from malaria. That number has dropped each year, and now we have fewer than a million a year dying from malaria. That great improvement has been made largely without DDT (but not completely) -- but it also means that it's nearly impossible to get a malaria death toll up to 50 million since DDT was banned on cotton in the U.S.

Do do know, I hope, that mosquitoes do not migrate from Texas to Africa, right? And you are aware that EPA's authority does not extend outside the U.S.

And, of course, you know that a ban instituted in 1972, did not case the slowing of DDT use in 1965, right?

Read Rachel Carson. You could learn a lot from her. The President's Science Advisory Council said her book was scientifically accurate, but that she was probably too soft on DDT. They were right then, and they still are.

Another DDT denier. What a shame we don't learn from history. When you mix celebrity with science you get silliness.

Greg Patterson, meet Bill Hicks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqtcb66Yeyo

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