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Hopefully Holder is out too. What a disgrace. I really feel bad for the family of Brian Terry that the nation he worked so hard to serve provided the gun to the bad guys that shot him. Really a disgrace.

Uh, yeah, but she sure is hot.

more layoffs at Gannett/Republic today.

I'm with you RJ, if she was President, she'd be Babe-raham Lincoln. Sorry! Couldn't resist.

Putting aside Mindy's actions, how is this legal:

"Billy Shields, former president of the Phoenix firefighter's union, loaned his daughter the money. She then repaid Stanton's campaign."

Say Candidate A bought some air time but polling showed it was totally ineffective. So a bunch of donors who had maxed out are now allowed to make further contributions?

I understand the campaign was the victim of a crime, and that the repayment is restitution. I don't understand how that $77,000 can come from an individual person, given the limit on contributions.

Oh, and Billy, make sure you file a gift tax return as I don't really think the IRS is going to call that a loan...

What are her charges for jail time? It shows for an amount over 25000 it is up to 12.5 yrs, I sure hope she has to pay the price. What a dishonest thing to do and on top of that using your family to get you where you are, and you have kids...nice way of showing motherly ways and being a role model.

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