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"Breathless" describes the guys, who just hired Shelton to run the Fiesta Bowl, reading about him being "mistaken" about the same problems at his old job.

The ethicist was partly right. Someone has to put a supportable dollar value on the gift, and while it's not $99 for a premium seat, he exaggerates the value.

Voters aren't going to think is ok just because every legislator got a ticket, nice try, but that just makes the problem worse!

Did you see the hatchet job Channel 5 did on me?

Two dozen legislators went to a Cardinals game and only three of us reported it. So what does Channel 5 do? They go after two of us that thought the public deserved to know, even if it wasn't required by law.

Compare the Republic story to the hatchet job Not on web):


The worst thing Channel 5 did though, was to steal the Arizona Republic's research and do a TV story without giving the Republic credit for the information.

Here is his email where he used false pretenses to gain an interview to hack me and steal the Republic's work without acknowledgement:

Rep. Harper,

We are doing a follow up story on the Arizona Republic article involving Cardinals tickets.

We just wanted to get some thoughts from some different lawmakers.

Would you be available for a quick interview today??



Jason Barry

CBS-5 News
4016 N. Black Canyon Highway
Phoenix, Arizona 85017

Ok. Here is his print article where he fails to credit the Republic and the 5:00 O'clock news video did the same thing (I believe):


Local news channels are really getting lazy and sensationalized. You can tell they read the newspaper and read their own script about it on the television. The Arizona Republic should start suing the channels not affiliated with their parent corporation.

Local TV channels are getting lazy and sensationalized? They're stealing news straight from Republic? Stop the presses!

when readership and viewership slipping, you would think that hard work and extra effort would be the norm.

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