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One word: Darwinism.

Sorry to sound cold but you live by the bonehead, you die by the bonehead.

Oh he has a forum, yeah, Roman style. Ryan Dunn was a modern gladiator. All is well in Western Civilization if his type dies crashing and burning to death in his own Porsche.

These ARE the stories we tell our kids, right?

Come on Greg you are much better than this. A guy died and left his family behind. Not the reaction I would expect

Wow. This man just lost his life and there are people out there mourning over his death. He's a human being. Show some respect.

Hard to show dignified respect for a man who's claim to fame was Jackass.

I could show more respect if he hadn't been driving his Porsche at 132-140 mph with a BOC of 0.196%. He also killed his passenger and jeopardized the lives of everyone else on the highway at that time.

As reckless and stupid Dunn's cause of death was I agree with some of the other posters. He was a human being and a lot of people are mourning his death.

Every week, Greg, you keep lowering yourself deeper and deeper into callous jackass-ery.

Now, now, Tim. This is one of Greg's shortest posts ever, and he gets special grace for that.

Dunn's cause of death was Dunn, perhaps even his very life was more of a drawn-out suicide. Mourn him, some will. But I can't see one bit of heroic action in his public life, and in his public death he took another with him.

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