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Was it several thousand automatic weapons or several thousand semi-automatic weapons?

It couldn't happen to a more deserving schm . . . er, person.

"Several thousand automatic weapons"? Gee Greg, you know better than that - sure, I can walk into a gun store and buy a full auto AK, M-16 or Thompson, but I'll need Joe Arpaio's blessing, pay a federal tax and clear an FBI background check that could take six months or longer, oh, and of course, I'll have to pay quite a premium for one as well, last I heard a full auto "AR" (M-16) was selling in the neighborhood of $20,000 - used, of course.

Come on, get the facts straight, sheesh.

Come on John, what facts?

If you had been watching anything of the Issa hearings on C-Span (or reading about them) you would know that Holder and DOJ have been skirting right up to contempt of Congress charges when witholding everything and anything.

Issa is a very smart fellow - and his tenure has been a contentious one for good reason. He's smart, determined, and flat out unflappable. All of which scares the bejesus out of Obama and his lackeys.

So few of the public are interested in the lawyerly arguments over what is or isn't automatic weponds that even mentioning it is laughable.

These hearings are about far more than guns headed south - a spurious claim Holder and DOJ have been making for his entire tenure.

We hear in the media all the time that 90%+ cartel weponds are US supplied- a bogus narrative Obama and Holder has pushed from day one.

And why should anyone believe this? Because of the Mexican army and police and their ability to gather facts?

China's export economy doesnt' exclusively land at US ports to ship everything from toothpast to kupee dolls - EXCEPT - when it comes to small arms or military weponds?

AS if they have an exclusive grip on the arms market. What about the Russians? Or all those 'STANS' that broke off from them and end up in any other such conversation about arms running that doesn't include our borders or immigration?

Look, I ache to see Burke with tread marks on his back and reduced to a footnote of Arizona's tortured (yes I used THAT WORD) politics at the hands of Obama. After all Burke has thus far managed to keep his crooked nose out of the funny papers after carrying Napolitano & Obama's hatchet for two years now.

I'm glad this skunk is getting a public examination. The sooner he is back wasting an arbiters time in family court the better.

Holder was testy at best in his lame appearance before Issa last week. He had the wary look of a man - like Burke - pining for the private sector given the price of public service.

Certainly the WH and DOJ are desperate to limit this to Burke's head. The operative word is desperate.

Because they don't hold the cards in the House anymore. And as Obama has made evidently clear the past few weeks - from his budget to everything else - the silly season of 2012 is already upon us.

It ain't gonna end with Burkes head. This is just getting started. Wait until 4th of July. This is an explosive gift that will keep on giving.

Is it a flash snooze event like the Beer Summit or has it got the tenticles and legs of Iran Contra?

Only time, and the talent and power Issa can muster, will tell.

Works for me, but I was referring to Greg's narrative - this isn't like a spelling error, people honestly believe that Juan Valdez can go to a gun show and walk out with an automatic Uzi. Not sure why they'd want to, a decent Uzi will set someone back $6k or so, I'm sure those Chinese AK's come much, much cheaper as they're smuggled in from Central American to Mexico.

Michael Bane, a noted gun writer, posted this on his blog:

"It's hardly a secret that I don't think much of the failed narco-state of Mexico, a country of peasants that has allowed a series of blowhard morons turn their country into something resembling one of the rings of hell. But one thing that strikes me as horrific, and breaks my heart, is how easily, how casually, a group of men in suits, in air conditioned offices in Arizona,, in Texas, and, ultimately, in Washington D.C., sanctioned the inevitable deaths of brown people in another country."

His words express my feelings on this issue perfectly.

" I'm sure those Chinese AK's come much, much cheaper as they're smuggled in from Central American to Mexico."

Cartel hitters supposedly prefer factory automatic weapons, rather than crude conversions from semis smuggled from the US.

Plenty of Chinese and Russian weapons in Mexico. That's why the Justice Department was trying to up the numbers of US origin rifles, in order to see if they could push more gun control laws here.

Not a conspiracy theory; why did the testimony today say that an ATF higher-up was "delighted" that F&F guns were showing up at Mexican crime scenes?

Gun control proponents should be as furious about this as gun control opponents. The Obama administration has ensured that any future tactic of trying to drum up support because of Mexico drug violence will end up falling on deaf ears.

The most they can expect from this is stepped up penalties for gun trafficking and straw purchasing (which does nothing to further the possibility of new gun bans), and likely not even that.

One of the Barret .50 BMG's downed a Mexican military chopper last week.

I agree: Obama/Holder will likely throw Burke under the bus in a futile attempt to make this all go away. But to throw him under the bus or run over him with a locomotive will not suffice as justice for the victims and their families.

Fast & Furious is a glaring example of government arrogance and mal-feasance. I hope a special prosecutor is appointed to investigate this case.

Throwing Burke under the bus is tatamount to an admission of guilt by Holder,nobody is going to believe this all hatched in Phoenix, so Holder will have to go too.
Although if memory serves me Holder has been involved in a lot of stupid things at DOJ in the past (and is still there!?).

I'm makin' the popcorn now.

just be glad that she has friends to look after her. With all she has been through, it's good to know people will be there for her.

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