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Immigration isn't "BROKEN", obeying the LAW AND ENFORCEMENT IS.


Republican lawmakers Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has filed bills in Congress, after promising they would push for a national--MANDATORY--E-Verify, also called the "Legal Workforce Act." It would require all US businesses to verify workers' legal status through the Social Security database linked to the US Immigration and Citizenship Services. It would restrain unlawful immigration and bring jobs back to citizens and legal residents. It seems that the special interests are fearful of the imminent consequences of this law, because it would curb the open border mentality of the majority of Liberals, Democrats and a few Republicans. The bill is obviously being criticized by Hispanic and ethnic advocates, who are saying that the database was costly to run and generated errors, hence exasperating prejudice against legal workers whose personal data is comparable to illegal aliens using false ID.

Hispanics of legal status need not worry as E-Verify serves them as well as every America of any race? It takes just a few minutes to use and easily verify 99.5% percent of work-eligible employees. Others with ID irregularities receive a referral letter to resolve the problem at the SSA office. There is no other legislation that can be enacted that will generate more jobs for American labor. In actual fact there is no expenditures to the business world and as for irregularities, there is no high level of problems, as new innovations are being added to cross-reference who has a right to a job? Seeing so much business lobbyists as support for E-Verify is a positive signal at a hearing of the House immigration subcommittee. Companies have implored the Washington leadership to force their competitors to stop employing foreign labor, moreover having taxpayers subsidize their upkeep. Incidentally--when does a foreign nation have a right to interrupt laws, to protect the majority of the US population from illegal foreign invaders? Next thing we know the Liberal Progressives and Obama's Czars will be pushing our court system to recognize "Sheria" Muslim law; God help Us.

The bill would also make the E-Verify program permanent and in addition re-establish the no-match letter program. It assists in identifying the 8 million illegal immigrants that are presently hired in non-farming employment. E-Verify within two years of enactment would enforce Zero-Tolerance laws on this bad business practice. Large company owners, federal, state, and municipal agencies and federal and state contractors would need to abide by these rules within six months. Here is a very good chance now for the passage of this law, that business owners, who try to bamboozle the immigration system, will be held accountable with harsh sanctions. In many ways this is monumental because Republicans normally will demean any new laws that cut off their access to the illegal alien workforce. But with 9 percent of Americans not employed, perhaps millions more working temporary or part-time larger numbers far exceed the government statistics they better show some humble pie.

Notably the Liberals and Democrats are still insisting that E-Verify doesn't work, or preaching that it will cause racial profiling. For decades now we have accepted there "political Correct" ideology, which we have all had to stomach? Ask the families of the 9/11 mayhem, that if the police had a right to question those Middle East murderers, the near 3000 death toll may never have happened at the World Trade center. If law enforcement were debilitated in asking questions, the terrible catastrophe may have been avoided? To compliment E-Verify we should demand “The Secure Communities" mandated as well. These enforcement programs installed will begin the reduction of illegal aliens in this country and the millions of others thinking about the illegal trek from whether they come from? Americans can assist Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas and Sen. Chuck Grassley, demanding from both Federal and State senators to Mandate both E-Verify and Secure Communities at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.


According to NumbersUSA The Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2164) would: Phase in E-Verify over three years, starting with the largest companies first.

* Require the Social Security Administration (SSA) to target illegal aliens using fake social security numbers by sending out “no match” letters to employers if the name and social security number of a current employee do not match. Requires the employer to check those employees through E-Verify after receiving a “no match” letter.
* Require SSA to send a yearly notification to each owner of a social security number that has multiple employers reporting income to that number indicating that the number may have been stolen and is being used by illegal aliens. Requires employers to run through E-Verify those employees who are likely to have stolen the number from the legitimate owner.
* Establish a phone verification system as an alternative to using the electronic system.
* Require the use of E-Verify for those contracted at day labor sites and other referral or recruitment services.
* Protect employers who use the system in good faith from liability if the system makes an error on eligibility.
* Protect states’ and localities’ authority to revoke business licenses of employers who fail to use E-Verify as required by this Act.
* Significantly increases the penalties for employers who refuse to use the system, or who intentionally try to game it. The fines levied can be up to $25,000 per unauthorized worker and a minimum one-year prison sentence may be imposed on an employer who engages in a “pattern or practice” of violations.
* Require SSA to lock the use of social security numbers when it is being used by someone other than the rightful owner, when the owner has violated immigration laws and been ordered to leave the country, or when the owner’s temporary visa has expired.

Once Secure Communities becomes the policing companion of E-Verify immigration laws, then we can further slow the massive costs associated with the annual flow 300.000 instant babies, who parents intentionally enter America taking advantage of the welfare system. As in conclusion, we must lock the border down and stop the unfettered rush of legal immigration. We must track persons who enter America by other means, to make sure they depart when the visa expires. All immigration must be cut and only the most highly skilled available outside this country, should be given a visa; not the semi-skilled? Those under the Washington Rotunda should further commit themselves, to authoring new laws. Such a uniform “quota system” that only allows a reasonable amount of new immigrants from countries around the world, or a points system as in Europe that only allows persons of the highest qualifications and personal background through the open door.

We cannot meet the expense in pandering to the endless flow of poverty into this nation anymore, as to repeat that we have countless amounts of homeless, disabled and penniless veterans, the sick and the mentally ill. They need our dollars first and not foreign nationals. TEA PARTY Chairperson Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has joined the Presidential race and is adamantly opposed to any Immigration reform package. The 1986 Immigration amnesty was a dead loss, as it was never enforced and was rife with fraud, costing eventually $76 Billion dollars. The Liberal progressives or the dark side of the Democratic Party are silent about the final expenditure, to enact an amnesty today. The heritage Foundation has accessed it at $2.5 Trillion dollars, that it’s incomprehensible when America is riding on a dead horse-deficit of $14.5 Trillion dollars and racing towards a cliff. Connect with the Tea Party today and add your name to the tens of millions of legal people, from every race and political party, disheartened with the path Washington has followed.

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Excellent. President Obama should have asked you to his ridiculus immigration summit with Eva what's her name, and the rest of those libs.

just be glad that she has friends to look after her. With all she has been through, it's good to know people will be there for her.

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