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Well, it's guaranteed to be much better than the book in the foreground - The Associate is not only the worst Grisham book I've ever read, it may actually be the worst book I've ever read.

The picture of Frank Antenori on the Amazon page for the book sure doesn't look like the Frank on the AZ Senate page...


I've met Frank in person several times and I doubt he's aged THAT much since I last saw him. Plus the Frank on Amazon has a decent head of gray hair, and Frank has black hair...where he hasn't gone bald.

Are you sure it is not a memoir of his first years in the legislature?


I know Frank Antenori, that man is no Frank Antenori.

I agree Sen Gould. The man on the Amazon link is "no Frank Antenori".

Hope you sell a million

They must have switched the pictures. The soldier in the aircraft must be Frank.

I'm guessing that is Halberstadt. I is certainly not Frank.

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