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And the Bowl wants to know what they "got" from the politicians in exchange for the tickets? How does this sound: "Hey, we paid the bribe but the legislators didn't deliver anything of value, so now we want to be reimbursed."

One thing is clear: with Junker gone, they think they're cleaning up his alleged mess but really they're creating entire new ones.

Has anyone told them sending 1099's sounds like...tax fraud?

With former UA prez Shelton as the Fiesta Bowl's new Executive Director, anything stupid is quite possible. There isn't an ounce of common sense in his pointy-headed little brain.

And isn't it always a case of CYA, CYA, CYA?

Hey, maybe the Legislature will reward the Fiesta Bowl with a new location...in Eloy...at the site of the "Decades" amusement park.

Lost in all of this is that Shelton has long held a grudge against the State Legislature and has routinely spoken out against it. Little wonder then that he is taking the opportunity to try and make them look bad.

Fiesta Bowl management relied on professional consultants (lobbyists) to manage their activities and relationships with the Legislature, and to ensure that those activities were conducted in compliance with the law. There is every reason to believe those consultants have every bit as much responsibility for the failures you've described. Do not let them off the hook.

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