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I have never, and will never, understand why our country must restrict the rights of our citizens because some other country is a cesspool of corruption.

Kyrsten, like most anti-gunners, fails to understand that during the Assault Weapon "Ban", Mexico wasn't in the throes of a major narco insurgency. Hence, the only guns that were being smuggled were intended for the Mexican middle to upper class that were buying guns to collect or for self-protection.

Yes, there is a major gun culture in Mexico, just like in the US.

When the "Ban" expired, Mexico had started it's anti-narco war, and yes weapons were being procured from ALL sources, not just US gunshops.

BTW, the semi-auto AK's you can buy now are no different than the ones you could buy before the ban.

The only thing "banned" on a AW Ban-era WASR rifle is the bayonet lug, muzzle threads, and that it cannot have a folding stock (AK folding stocks generally suck; the standard straight stock is preferred).

If you put a picture of a post-ban WASR and a ban-era WASR (both with straight stocks) next to each other, Kyrsten wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them.

Good job Greg. Herstam's final statement...'let me get the last political statement in...' is a hoot. His entire rant was a political statement - and it's essential to call out these falsehoods just as Greg did.

Sinema is being Sinema when conflating the 'gun show loop-hole' with Arizona being a Circle K (least we can do when spreading this manure is promote a local brand in the process)...for illegal arms.

Kyrsten went to the same ideolgoical academy as Obama when it comes to conveying facts after training as an adjunct Prof to teach constitutional law - theres all those opitions via the living constitutional view; a lot of 'in's & out's' and grey area - that you can just make up as you go along.

Herstam just threw any credibiity he once had under the same bus that will soon have tire tracks all over Dennis Burkes back.

That both these democrat apologists would try and sell these excuses is really amazing. Even the dems on Issa's congressional committee have stopped this kind of bull... over six months ago.

For Herstam to try and support Burke by claiming Issa deliberately sat on info is the worst kind of public lying. The whistleblower ATF agents have been crucial in revealing information the DOJ tried to withhold.

Stay tuned. Unraveling the extent of coverup has only just begun.


When it comes to gun crime and gun laws, the ratio of dishonest/ill-informed/demagogic rhetoric to honest/well-informed/thoughtful rhetoric is probably higher than in any other topic under discussion in the public square.

This country needs an honest discussion about guns, but Obama isn't helping with the 90% lie.

There's nothing to discuss - for the last seven years we've broken our backs making it easier for people to carry - and USE - weapons for self-defense, and for those same seven years, the crime rate has steadily DECREASED. Every success (presumption of innocence, Castle Doctrine, CCW reforms, Constitutional Carry, restaurant carry, justification, to name a few) corresponds to a decrease in violent crime.

I think a discussion might be warranted, as long as it involves removing every last remaining prohibition on carrying and defensive use of weapons.

How's that for an "honest discussion about guns"?

You don't need to a permit to buy or own a semi automatic AK-47. You do need a special permit to buy or own a fully automatic AK-47.

Mr. Wentley, I'm not trying to argue that we need to re-evaluate gun rights. I think most restrictions are unconstitutional and ineffective. I guess I'd like an honest discussion about the place of violence and guns in our culture.


If you want to discuss "guns in our culture", let's talk about what we are going to do if the UN Security Council tries to task an international force to disarm Americans.

They are negotiating our surrender with Susan Rice, while we wait.

Tim, I think this sums it up rather succinctly:

"If cowardly and dishonorable men sometimes shoot unarmed men with army pistols or guns, the evil must be prevented by the penitentiary and gallows,and not by a general deprivation of a constitutional privilege."
Wilson v. State, 33 Ark. 557, 560 (1878)

Unfortunately in the time since, we've eliminated both the penitentiary and the gallows, and have also allowed courts to decide that it's "cruel and unusual" if an inmate doesn't have cable TV.

When government has done everything they can possibly do to control criminals, we can then talk about inanimate objects.


Criminal dude breaking down bedroom door of 88 year old woman finds hot lead near his heart!

Simply add another 'rule'-- no law, no congress, no oversight required. Only someone blinded by idealism could support such an attack on civil liberties.

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