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Hey, Greg, tilting at windmills again? What you propose makes too much sense; therefore politicians will not make it happen.

It pretty much does happen with gasoline (except for OPEC's sometimes successful attempts to restrict supply). The other areas you mention -- they're too important to let the free market set the price, or so the government tells us. Thus we get high prices, low quality and limited supply.

Good plan. Get some kids to drop out of college, ask some cancer patients to suffer instead of buying more meds and make everyone ride bikes everywhere in 100+ heat.

Really good plan.

Glad you're not in office.

Unless this is a joke, if then, well played.

Tyler proves that some people just aren't teachable. Let me try again, though. Tyler, you see, the world isn't perfect. People suffer all the time from good intentions. Good intentions are pushing up the price of health care. Market forces, though, have proven over and over that they mitigate suffering and costs more effectively than government and bureaucracy. Read eyewitness experiences of people in the former Soviet Union and socialist China.

I agree that the health care industry needs more free market competition but I'm not aware of any politicians (repub or dem) pushing for it. I'm talking about health care itself NOT health insurance. Right now it is very difficult to shop around and get alternative prices for health care procedures. Health care providers keep their pricing schemes fairly opaque and I'm not aware of any pol that was a problem with that.

"was" should be "has".

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