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The fact that it has a higher drop than the Detroit Free Press is startling. The whole city of Detroit is about to go under.....

So, does every paper listed in the table suffer from bias? That would seem to be the implication of your post. Another argument would be that, whether or not their hometown paper is biased, an increasing number of people prefer to get their news from the Internet. The reasons? It's free, it travels easily with them (on their smart phones), it doesn't get ink on their fingers, the ads are unobtrusive, it's user-friendly, it doesn't waste paper, it offers tremendous variety...

The Republic has a net site. The same DRIVEL flows into their site, along with their bias. I feel for the employees that have jobs with the Republic behind the scenes, doing the "non-bias" jobs. They will suffer do to the likes of the above plus: Wingnutt, JJ, EJ Montini, Roberts...

Figures lie and liars figure. You obviously prefer to focus on the percentage drop, but my gosh, they still have over 330,000 subscribers. The way Gannett lays people off at The Republic you would think that circulation had dropped to zero. What is going on here is that the Republic is still being counted on to prop up all the other little, crappy newspapers Gannett owns. 330,000 is still a very healthy circulation number. Their biggest challenge now is keeping the subscribers they have. You prefer to blame all of their circulation decreases on your perceived biases; I think it is because they spend too much time trying to figure out how to attract new readers (read: younger) when they should be focusing on giving a quality news report to the people who already subscribe. Value your current clients; don't insult them with drivel.

David D: The Republic began its decline before the popularity of the internet. The internet has just exacerbated the problem. The core problem is still the pitiful bias of the Republic. Remember, Keven Ann Wiley was at the Republic when the demise began (before the internet). She left that sinking ship, went to Dallas and helped it's demise. She's a real trooper.

justthefactsplease: "perceived biases"? Really: "perceived"? A blind man on a galloping horse can see the bias of the Republic. Get serious or change your name.

For just the facts please, the real question is have the advertising rates dropped 23%? They should, afterall, less readership means less eyes on the ads. And i've always wondered why the businesses that finance the paper with ad revenue, the grocery stores, car dealers, homebuilders and department stores finace a product that is generally negative on their activities.

It's a sad day for the Republic when New Times has reports on "Fast and Furious" and the Republic dithers.

fastest growing market? Have you been paying attention?


OK, from 2005 to 2010, which one of those markets grew faster than Phoenix metro?

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