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He is probably lamenting the fact that Silicon Valley did not get their money's worth when they invested in Obama. Bigger government = more interference in people's lives...including commerce. Maybe LESS government would lead to LESS lobbying and MORE freedom.

Ah, what a crackpot right-wing idea!

I'm a free market capitalist, but I do support laws that curtail monopolies, and it's a disingenuous and narrow comparison to say since Google is "free" for users it then cannot harm consumers.

When Google is actively trying to snuff out the competition it hurts consumers through a variety of ways, whether it's companies that want to advertise on the web, invest in other ways to navigate the web, being closed out of certain websites by being blocked out, etc.

Obviously Google is not a "free" charity, it's one of the largest companies in the world that's making billions of dollars, so it's a business like any other.

Copco: How much do you pay for Google? You are not required to use it (yet). Keep the government involved and it just may come to that.

Curtains inadvertently shaking a bit, I suggest more than the sun, and wind.

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