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"for those of you who still defend corporate media"

I would use your words and say: "for those of you who still defend corporate greed."

Gannett is just doing what all the other big corporations are doing. Cutting jobs and rewarding the people at the top who do the cutting in order to prop up stock prices.

Cleary it is time for #Occupy200EVB !!! That way the Gannett teevee people could show the protesters during EVB Live while promoting the ticket giveaway or whatever ... #Occupy200EVBLive commies!

Great idea!

Happily, I didn't see the USA Today editorial - it's more of the same absurd claim that Wall Street is creating volatility in the markets for its own gain. Ridiculous. The volatility in global markets is at historic levels (google the VIX index) - the EU and the US are in the midst of debt explosions and are reeling from a decade of profligate spending by governments and consumers alike.
The government responses have been (except for Germany) spend more, borrow more, lower interest rates and keep the bubble mentality while looking (desperately) for some new bubble (q.v., Solyndra and the hundreds of billions of solar money we are sending to China).
As usual, P.J. O'Rourke's warning about democracy's tendencies to vote for more benefits for me and more taxes on others are ringing true.
While the "99%" movement has a following - I think the 53% movement is more powerful, the 53% of Americans who actually do pay taxes need to not fall for the blame game and force politicians to reel in the spending and the rhetoric.

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