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"The Courts, for their part, have been appropriately deferential to the IRC because the IRC acts in a Legislative capacity."

I'm confused, are you saying that because they act in a legislative capacity (I'll take issue with that on the grounds that they're an unelected body), it's appropriate to assume that their acts are constitutional?

I otherwise agree with your position.

The Legislature has either asked (or much more often, allowed) others to do their job for some time now. Clean Elections, Redistricting, and host of "voter mandates" have crippled the Legislature and have slowly taken away our "republican form of government."

The legislators all need to take a long hard look at their oath of office.

Couldn't agree more Greybeard, the initiative process has been thoroughly abused, the Legislature has been hamstrung and unable to perform it's core constitutional functions.

We were guaranteed a republican form of government, but you see, there are those who prefer mob rule ("democracy") where the slimmest of majorities can run roughshod over the minority.

That being the case, the Legislature needs to find the intestinal fortitude to do their job (and uphold their oath) in spite of those mandates, after all, they exist primarily to "protect and maintain individual rights."

Constitutional imperatives be damned I suppose.

For years I have been claiming the initiative process in Arizona has been abused to the point of denying us a republican form of government as provided by our state and U.S. Constitutions. The Legislature needs to step up and reclaim their constitutional authority.

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