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Nice work Greg. We need to get rid of Goo Goo ("good government") institutions like the IRC and "Clean Elections". They are devices of the left to attack our republic's foundations.

Thanks for bringing some sanity and correct information to this topic. I read all the media coverage this weekend and I thought it was one of the most biased and incorrect "reporting" that I have found in a long time. (not the first, but some of the worst)

Thanks again Greg for a clear-headed rational explaination of current poitical landscape.

Let me add a laymans suggestion:

Since the question of credibility began with the IRC's choice for a mapping consultant - as well as the star chambers manner this consultant was chosen - is it unreasonable to suggest a possible solution short of Brewer commanding a 2/3's vote to scrap the whole process?

The so-called Independent in charge on the board resigns - and the Obama DC consultant firm bows out with only half a payday?

{Maybe we could enlist David Smith to adjudicate a 'fair share' dollar amount for them - he seems to feel uniquely qualified in such matters}

In all seriousness - there are many qualified professionals that would kill for the contract that was handed to the Obama related folks.

Choosing this firm was deliberate, incendiary, and stupid.

You don't hire these kinds of partisan DC insiders to come into a red state by demographic make-up with anything but a plan to blow up as much territory as possible - figuratively speaking.

It represents a rank abuse of the referrendum that created the IRC - and despite the laughable column by Rob Robbie -a blatant violation of the commissions constitutional obligations.

Just more californicaion shennanigans by Dems in this state - Because they can't win elections they try and hijack the process.

Kuddos to Expresso for calling it out.

And a special hoorah to Governor Brewer for following through on a tough political call.

These are four good, ready-made press releases (hint, hint Arizona Republicans).

Rational? Just offering a different reason why the governor and legislature are going to blow up the IRC doesn't constitute myth busting. More to the point, Greg, you're just spinning it the way you and your loyal readers want to believe it's supposed to be.

And frankly, you're putting forth the same thing that Andy Biggshot did. I won't repeat the word here, but you know what it is.

You even have the gall to claim that everyone believes the draft maps constitute gerrymandering? Come on, Greg, that also constitutes, as Sen. Biggshot puts it, "a certain bovine excrement type of swear word."

Each new tabloid column being produced leaves us all with a little less respect for a once proud politician. Greg, why don't you tell your white-hooded sheep about FAIR?

Typical comments from the left (Arizona Eagletarian and Liver Worst): if you're losing the argument attack the messenger (ad hominen anyone?). Great blog, Greg, you nailed it. and Rob Robb needs to go back to school on reading English--words mean things. This is a HUGE issue with HUGE and longterm implications. It needs to be done correctly. I do not fear the outcome if the IRC simply follows the law. Instead, what we've been getting from this group (Mathis, Herrera and McNulty) is deception. And they are not very good at it (we've all been watching), so they're incompetent, too.

RonJ thinks you nailed it, Greg. What more does a lobbyist blogger need for confirmation? LOL

So, we have one comment calling Greg's analysis B.S., another calling those who agree with Greg racists, and Truther is LOL-ing. Is everyone just conceding the point, or what? I haven't seen anyone try to make the argument against what Greg has set forth here.
The fact is that any legal argument in favor of the present draft maps does not pass the straight-face test. I know I couldn't keep a straight face when reading Robb's column.

And what is the problem with FAIR?

And then, it happened:



Oh, what a horrible abuse! The governor side-stepped the voter-approved process by using -- wait for it -- the power given to her and to the senate by the voters as a part of that process!

Well done, guv.

Greg, check the definition of gerrymandering. The antidote to gerrymandering (drawing a district to benefit a candidate or a party) is competitiveness.

Now I understand why Greg is so upset: his playmate Grover Schweikert would have to run against Ben Quayle. C'mon Greg, surely Grover can beat that acid-damaged bozo.

Sorry, lkuby, the antidote for gerrymandering is following the Constitution. Competitiveness is obviously not a goal of redistricting. By starting with the Voting Rights Act you are guaranteering two things: 1) at least two non-competitive congressional districts for minorities and 2) an imbalance of the remaining Republicans and Democrats (in favor of Republicans by almost 2-1) with which you cannot have "competitiveness" without gerrymandering at its worst, and violating the other three criterion in Prop 106. The numbers are just not there. That's why the IRC is a failure--they tried to force competitiveness (a conditional criteria) at the expense of "shall" criterion. In addition to violating Constitutional provisions, the IRC is attempting to violate the laws of math.

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