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Looks like Russell's got a new statute to tweak...

A while back I was wasting a bunch of time reading the Newtimes on-line. Comments from Mr. Snow were so rude that I found it hard to believe that he was an attorney.

How can one be "illegally permited to work for hire?"

Agree with this post. Chadski doesn't like it when you point that out. He also donated, he and his wife, 3900 for Randy Parraz's Senate campaign. Chadski's posts on New Times are that of a lefty and not a Conservative or perhaps he's a RHINO?

In skimming the report last night, (SOS financial), Chadski and Randy garnered $141,000 dollars, most of it out of district, paid "canvassers", paid a petition group, and each valid vote ended up costing, 14 dollars a signature.

Jeez, this guy Chad Snow is always saying he's a Republican. And of course the liberal media dutifully echo this because they want to try to paint a picture of significant Republican opposition to Pearce, which in reality doesn't exist. But back to Snow, he doesn't sound like much of a Republican to me! He sounds like the Republic's kind of Republican, as in, he's NOT!

Chad Snow is a money grubber. Any bets he secretly loves SB1070? The reason: it helps generate more clients for his law business. Lawyers love more laws--the more laws, the more business; the more controversial, the better. He has to oppose Russell Pearce because Pearce is the left's bogeyman. And of course Snow has to claim to be a Republican. He wouldn't make much money--if any-living/working in Mesa, otherwise.

Way to throw out the Red meat with an added dog whistle their Greggy poo! How are those canceled checks coming along Russell?


How about looking at those disclosure forms recently filed? Where be all that cash coming from? Me thinks Russel the white (hooded) knight is getting his horsepower from outside of LD18. 90% from outside LD18...ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

Look at the Recall group. 141 K, most from outside LD 18. Large donations from outside AZ.

14 bucks a vote. The Rag's article, as usual, is misleading. They quote, "inside LD18 for Lewis", but then intentionally mislead the readers by quoting (not using same criteria, INSIDE LD 18) by saying that MOST of the donations to the recall (number, not amount) were from INSIDE AZ. See the difference.

Anyone that gets their news solely from the local rags, esp. AZ Republic, is not getting the news. It's opinion and agenda dressed as news.

The point doesn't seem to be about outside groups. The point is where do the individuals' contributions come from? Rusty comes from outside LD18 and Jerry's come from inside LD18. End of story and end of the aPearceofcrap.

If what you say is true, and the recall is motivated completely by outside agitators, then Sen. Pearce has nothing to worry about. The voters will support their champion. On the other hand, if they have felt disenfranchised by their Senator's pursuit of national attention, then he is truly in trouble. While the recall may have been motivated and executed by outside agitators, the votes in LD18 have a safety valve to address their concerns about the quality of their representation. And, at the end of the day, representation is what it is all about.

The very fact that Pearce received so many contributions from outside LD-18 show how much the public supports his efforts on enforcing immigration laws and want to help fight off the coordinated attack by alinsky trained thugs

of course, lets not forget about SB 1334m a bill co-authored by Pearce that would make illegals not eligible for workers comp - Snow's bread and butter!

Nice one Dirty Sanchez...damn illegals

My name is Julie Jorgensen and I was a part of the recall from the beginning. I'd love to tell you why I spent thousands of hours volunteering and hundreds of my own dollars to help bring about this election. It all started about 10 years ago. I used to teach for Mesa Public Schools. Mesa had one of the best Adult Education programs in the state. We helped a lot of good people get their GED's and get off of welfare as well as to learn how to speak, read, and write English. I've heard so many people complain that if people are here they need to learn English and assimilate into our society. That's what our classes did. I taught my students to memorize the pledge of allegiance, I taught them about our culture and traditions and even taught them about our government and laws so they could take their citizenship test. This was work that I was proud of and that helped a lot of good people. Unfortunately, Senator Pearce didn't like our program. He seemed to do everything in his power to destroy this great program. Just last year, the entire 6 million needed to run Adult Education in Arizona was cut. The entire amount. This makes Arizona the only state in the entire nation to do so. Even Alabama thinks Adult Education is worth the money. We had tried to talk to Senator Pearce about this and he would not listen. I decided things would never change without a change in leadership. I read in the newspaper that people would be meeting at the Mesa Utilities building. I came to the meeting and the rest is history. People say, well these are tough times and touch decisions had to be made. I don't buy it. I watched how the private prisons received $50 million more this year even though our prison population has greatly decreased. I watched as Joe Arpaio mismanaged and abused $100 million dollars in his sheriffs department. I watch and law suit after law suit wastes millions of our states dollars. Just 6 of those million would run our Adult Ed. program for the entire state for a year. Some people say, we won't spend money on a program that helps illegals. This is not true. All of our students have to prove they are legal residents or they cannot take our classes. I've taught thousands of students English over the years. These people are amazing. I have come to love and respect their hard word and determination to become part of a new nation. Learning English is difficult. I watch my students work all day and take classes 4 nights a week to learn English. Russell Pearce does not value these people or these classes. That is why I've been such a staunch supporter of not only the recall but electing a decent man like Jerry Lewis who actually listens to people in his place. By the way I've lived in LD 18 for 32 years so I am NOT an outsider. I'm just someone who has a heart and wants to see positive change in our state.

Hopefully Julie didn't teach English composition, as none of her students would know about paragraphs.

Nice, Julie. I stopped reading at "Even Alabama . . . ." I assume you believe, like Jerry Lewis, that Arizona is like 60s Alabama? Just another hack...

Anyway, Liver, did you actually look at the numbers? The Republic had an obvious theme that "Pearce's donations were from outside Mesa and outside Arizona and Lewis' were from Mesa." However, from the numbers in the article it looks entirely possible that both received similar amounts from inside the district but Pearce received a lot more from outside. Someone (not another Lewis/Recall hack or even Pearce hack for that matter) needs to look into the numbers a little deeper and give an objective report. I just don't trust the Republic to do it.

Hopefully Julie will decide to spend her next "thousands of hours" on something other than a local election.

Do people like Julie, who was apparently teaching what seems to be her view of "American Culture" to large numbers of people, really teach them that a single individual like Pearce is the cause of their problems?

Thank you Julie! What my white-hooded friends on here don't seem to grasp is that the adult education classes you used to teach reduced the amount of people on welfare, reduced the prison population and even reduced the amount of Spanish spoken near the grey man's beard. These folks don't really care that we are 50th in education funding or that we are 4th in incarceration funding or that we have prison lobbyists giving old Russell a reach around or that this isa run on sentence...oh wait, they care about grammar as evidence by the comments toward your excellent post.

And there goes Robert Woodman -- I mean, Truther -- calling anyone who disagrees with him/her a racist.

I suppose I should have used paragraphs in my writing but I really don't think that would have made a difference. Closed minds can't see in any form.

Closed minds, like taking pot shots at Alabama? Have you been to Alabama, or are you just holding your nose up at a southern state?

In recent years, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, and Mercedes Benz have all opened up major manufacturing plants there. Arizona could only hope to have the manufacturing base that Alabama has.

The state universities in Alabama are better than those in Arizona, and unlike Arizona, has a strong private school presence with great schools like Samford.

Perhaps an open mind would let go of decades-old prejudices that are not based in current realities.

And I'm not even an Alabaman.

"Alabama" is Lewis-Dem talking points.

Nice try, Greg. Actually, undocumented immigrants make up only a very small percentage of our law practice. Informing clients of their rights under state statute is what REAL lawyers do. Maybe if you had ever practiced, you would understand that.

BTW, with spelling like "Republian", "alturistic", and "alliens", I'm thinking you've hired Matt Tolman as your proofreader.

Chick, what exactly is a RHINO? Also, if you had really read our financial report, you would know that we received $92,000, NOT $141,000. You see, unlike Russell Pearce and Olivia Cortes, we actually followed the law and reported the in-kind contribution of the legal services of our attorney. Where in all of the reports are the in-kind or actual billings of Lisa Hauser and Anthony Tsontakis? Or will Pearce just amend those later like he did his financial disclosures after the Fiesta Bowl scandal?

Greg, don't worry, I don't take these insults personally. I understand that you are first and foremost a lobbyist, and that you are forced to grovel before the current Senate President. Explains why Pearce received more donations from PAC's and lobbyists than our organization received TOTAL and why he has dozens of max donations from lobbyists and political consultants. I guess I'm not the only one with less than altruistic motives.

I was actually praising Alabama for still appreciateing the value of adult education by still funding it. What I really should have said, so it wouldn't come across as an insult, is that 49 other states, (feel free to insert your favorite states here) think Adult education has great value. They realize that it basically pays for itself because it gets people off of welfare and into jobs. What I was trying to say was that even poor states (feel free again to choose whichever state you believe fits this description) who don't have a lot of money, still value Adult education enough to fund it. I apologize if it came across as an insult by only mentioning Alabama.

Just one last remark. Arizona currently has more than half a million people who don't have a high school degree. Many of those people are on welfare. By spending just 6 million dollars a year on Adult Education classes, we are able to help thousands of adults bring their education skills up to par so they can earn their GED, get a job and get off of welfare. This program pays for itself.

Employers need an educated workforce and a workforce that can speak, read, and write proficiently in English. Adult Education classes are important to our economic recovery. I have yet to hear a valid excuse for not funding Adult Education.

Ms. Jorgensen,
Based on what you have written, on the surface it sounds as if you worked in a worthwhile program. I'm VERY skeptical, but I'll take your word that all of these ELL students you taught were here legally. And how many GEDs per year did these adult educations classes produce? Even if it was a 1000 per year, that's $6k per GED. That sounds like an expensive program.

Regardless, just because an expense is "good" in your estimation, doesn't insulate it from cuts when the funding isn't there. I'd like to sign my kid up for little league football and piano lessons, but if I took a pay-cut at work, those have to be dropped, no matter how "good" I think those activities are.

You also posted that 1/2 million people in Az don't have a high school diploma. Do you know what % of these are legal residents? Of those that remain, why don't they have a diploma? Did they drop out of their own accord when they were in high school? How many times have they taken these adult education classes? Do they get charged a fee for taking the classes? What if they are on their third trip through the program? Should that be free as well?

Chad should take another look at the statute and caselaw regarding how campaigns report, or don't, legal expenses. Then again, he ought to take another look at a lot of things.

Hey chadski, why did you and rachel donate 3900 bucks to randy in the senate election?
Regardless of in-kind (didn't have to declare all that valuable publicity from the local msm) but regardless with all the money and in-kind, it was ten dollars a siggy.

I donated money to Randy's campaign because he's one of my closest friends. Why did Pearce's brother and nieced collect signatures for his (alleged) opponent? Politics does strange things to people, Chick.

BTW, a third of our signatures were gathered by professionals. And we declared every penny of it, unlike Cortes/Pearce who haven't declared anything. Oh well, this is Arizona where you can always go back and amend financial disclosures after you get caught.

These statistics come from the AZ Dept of Ed website on Adult education.
There is a direct relationship, economically and socially, among low literacy levels, unemployment, and poverty. Many parents lack the skills necessary to help their children succeed in school. The greatest predictor of a child’s success in school is the education level of the parent.*

 Of people aged 16 and older, approximately 825,000 (17%) Arizonans do not have a high school diploma or GED® and are not enrolled in school.**

 Of adults aged 18 and older, over 384,000* (10%) cannot communicate effectively in the English language.**

 Almost 60% of adults enrolled in Adult Education classes read below the 9th grade level.***

 Estimated Annual Lost Earnings: Per the U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual earnings in 2008 of a person with less than a high school diploma is $8,580 less per year than a high school graduate.****

 The over 825,000 Arizonans without a high school diploma or GED® represent over $7,075,000,000 in lost annual taxable income.

Last year our program taught 19,908 students with a total of 1,800,000 class hours of instruction. Our classes included College Prep, GED, Basic skills, English as a second language and citizenship.

And furthermore, comparing learning how to read or speak proficiently or earning a degree so you can take care of your family is not something frivolous and extra like taking piano lessons or playing little league. Such a comment shows a true lack of understanding of what these students lives are actually like.

These classes are not frivolous extras. For some people these classes make the difference between living their entire life in poverty or getting out of poverty and getting a job where they can take care of their needs and the needs of their families.

The students enrolled in these classes must provide legal documents that prove they are legal citizens or legal residents before they can even sign up for a single class. To me, those who continue to fight the necessary existence of these invaluable classes that help both legal immigrants and legal citizens show that discrimination does indeed remain strong in our state. If people are only trying to stop "illegal" immigration, why are they fighting so hard to hurt those who ARE here legally?

One last thing. I'm sick to death of people saying we don't have the money. We have the money. We just don't have the priorities right. Stop giving so much money to Joe Arpaio to mismanage ($100 million) or to drive a tank down a street to help Stephen Segall with his T.V. show ($10,000 wasted in one day to arrest one man with 100 roosters). Or the millions spent paying out for his 100's of lawsuits, or the $50 million spent for private prisons. Why shouldn't these entities have to go through cuts at much or more than education? You said yourself, sometimes we have to make cuts when we don't have the money. Fine, give us cuts in education but you darn well better cut the same amount or more for our Sheriff and prisons. But that's not happening so something is stinking to high heaven in our state.

Um, Julie, you do know that the state of AZ and the county of Maricopa operate from two different budgets, yes? Granted, there is a certain degree of revenue sharing, but Sheriff Joe does not get his budget authority from the state. It comes from the County, specifically the Board of Supervisors.

Also, the Sheriff operates the county jails. The AZ State Dept. of Corrections operates the state prisons. Two entirely different entities.

If you're going to cast aspersions, cast them in the right direction.

Whether the funding comes from the state or the county, it's still money that's being grossly mismanaged. I never hear people say we need to cut funding to our prisons or sheriffs department because times are tough but I often hear them say it's OK to cut education and social services because we just don't have the money. The priorities in this state are a disgrace.

Ms. Jorgensen,

Thanks for accusing me of racism. Great way to continue an intelligent conversation.

Look, I don't care if you are here from Instanbul, Brazil, or Antarctica. In my opinion, the services provided by the government (and oh, how I wish there were far, far fewer services provided) should be reserved first to its citizens, and secondly to those here legally.

The "alarming" statistics you pulled off the Dept of Ed website use the generic term of "adults". Again, my question is how these statistics would change if we included only citizens and legal residents?

It looks as if we can find one area of agreement: The state/government WASTES a ton of taxpayer money. We likely differ in where the funds they receive should be spent. Because your pet program (and likely a source of your income) was cut, you are going about trying to change the "priorities" of where the cuts are made. I think recalling the senate president is a dubious way to go about this, but you are acting within your rights as a citizen to do so.

Again, I'm not saying the adult education program is a bad thing, but you are overstating its importance. The statistics you cite and the language you use make it sound as if we are going to have a 2012 style end-of-the-world type even as soon as the funding is cut off.

Here's an idea to mitigate some of your funding cuts. Lobby the legislature to pass a law that those business that sponsor all these legal workers you are teaching must pay their tuition. If your state funding was only $6million and and you really taught 20K students, that's only $300 per head. If the sponsoring businesses need these workers so desperately and the program is that fantastic, they'll pay it.

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