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It's also why I read Espresso Pundit! Thanks again for the real scoop.

So based on comments today, and on the coverage in the Republic today (probably motivated by Greg's blog); it appears that the blogs decided to print unsubstantiated, one sided treatments of a controversy to achieve a political end. Meanwhile, the Republic decided to exercise editorial restraint based on a fuller examination of the facts. That's why I read the paper, and why I subscribe. And I read the blogs. It's not an either or proposition. For me, the blogs highlight issues that may not get coverage, but that's when my research begins to understand what's really going on, not what the bloggers want me to believe.


You think way too much of yourself. The reason the news isn't covering your ridiculuous conspiracy is because there is no 'there" there.

Don't blame your ill researched attack on Lewis not getting traction on the liberal media. You really have to be desperate to buy any of this. Whats next? Do you have new evidence that Jerry kicked a puppy in grade school? Really-don't let your 3 fans too foolish to know you are a lobbyist down. Why stop now?

Next time research your story before you made a fool of yourself.

You're a lobbyist with an obviuos agenda. You aren't fooling anyone.

This continues a pattern of Lunations triggering the Grand Irrationality. Last month the Sun biseptiled Pluto; this month the Moon septiles Neptune. So it's more of the same of what we've been dealing with since all the planets from the Moon through Jupiter crossed the Aries zone of the Grand Irrationality, followed by the June 2011 Solar Eclipse in the Gemini zone. At least we're done with the Cardinal T-squares for a while!

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