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It's a repeat of the same cr-- that happened when the local media spread the lies about SB1070. Shame on the NY Times--but, honestly, is anyone surprised?

You don't recognize it because it is what we in the reality based community call "truth"...try it sometime.

I agree with you Greg on the media front, but if Brewer tried to remove the D's as well, that sounds like a partisan blunder. But in a backhanded way, it also shows the IRC system kinda works and the Senate functioned as a proper check.

The NYT calling Mathis "politically independent" sounds like she's politically indifferent, and it fits their narrative nicely. In fact, she's a lawyer who's quite dialed in to the partisan political scene -- which is precisely why she's fighting so hard for her "volunteer" job.

I saw this editorial this weekend and was counting down the days until Greg posted about it. The media is giving Greg way too much material to work with.

Apparently, the media got it pretty exactly right.

Greggy, you are a huuuuge Brittney Spears fan, no? "Oops, She Did it Again"
Now, why don't you go ahead and delete this post and run along to the doctor to get that Espresso Elbow checked out. Too much premature back patting is a hazard.

Governor Brewer argued that one reason for IRC chairman's removal was that the draft maps were unconstitutional. First, note "draft." Which part of draft does the governor not understand? Second, it is not up to the Governor to determine if the maps are unconstitutional. The maps are forwarded to the Department of Justice to determine if they are constitutional. What part of the process does the Governor not understand?

The governor does not get to decide whether they are constitutional? Dude (Greg's word, not mine), this is Arizona. The party in office gets to do whatever it wants..... until the courts stop them. Or the voters recall them.

janfan, Or the Whitehouse calls and offers them a better job... LOL...

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