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"The reduced the gaming..."


8th paragraph

Good article!

Pot meet kettle. The Coffee Klatch quotes the Republican press releases...what's the diff?

Truther: get a real job. Your knee-jerk leftist tripe is wearing thin. Greg can't make a comment about the weather without getting a contrary opinion from you, R Woodman and your ilk. Please add something of substance to the conversation. And the left complains that the right is divisive?
Please spare us . . .

Keep raising hell, Greg! Somebody's gotta kick their lazy butts.

The difference is "accuracy".

The other tribes abided by the compact. The Tohono tribe has violated the spirit of the compact. So let the chips (pun intended), fall where they may. Perhaps that may lead to a dow fall of an industry that has been very profitable for the tribes.

The TO gained the right to bring land into their reservation anywhere in Maricopa county as the result of the Feds building Painted Rock dam and proceeding to flood and destroy (essentially) an entire district of their reservation.

Once again, reading the law would be very helpful in determining who is accurate and truthful, and who is "agenda-driven". The Tohono O'odham are following the law. Glendale and GRIC are trying to make new law to change the existing law.

The story may be being "phoned" in from the west side, but I bet all the lawyers live in Arcadia.


The self-righteous newspapers that are always opining that legislators should never even accept a cup of coffee from someone that has issues, is holding another dinner to lobby the state legislators. This might be the year that public notices are no longer published in newspapers and they want to convince the Legislature to keep the gravy train going:

"Dear Legislator –

I hope you will join me and my colleagues from the Arizona Newspapers Association at their annual reception for legislators, publishers and editors from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 18. The event will be held at Arizona Capitol Times, 1835 W. Adams Street and catered by Alexi’s.

Please RSVP by January 10 to Perri Collins at 602-261-7655, ext. 110 or p.collins@ananews.com

Thank you – and if I don’t see you before then – Happy Holidays!

- Ginger"

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