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I think the Republic is neither accurate and fair. That's why I stopped reading it.

I assume you mean "neither accurate nor fair" as long as we are nitpicking today.

Aren't there two errors in that quote? I may be mistaken, but I thought the Senate had to confirm the removal -- the quote indicates that the governor can remove a commissioner on her own.

Only one mistake per sentence would indicate that the Republic is improving.

@BobH: you can't correctly use the word "quote" as a noun unless you're describing the two little hash marks that comprise a quotation mark. What I think you mean to say is "that quotation." ;-)

The freeonlinedictionary has this to say:

People have been using the noun quote as a truncation of quotation for over 100 years, and its use in less formal contexts is widespread today.

The American Heritage Dictionary (4th ed) shows "quote" means quatation, albeit informally.

"Quote" can be used as both a noun or a verb.

Mary Jo Pitzl doesn't know schnitzl about accuracy. She is just another product of Gannett's misguided EEO policies.

At least Mary Jo included the reference to the entirety of Prop 106. That's an improvement over the editorialists and columnists who aren't even close to getting the story right. EJ Montini and the editorial board have long become the de facto press arm of the Democratic Party. In fact, I believe it has been suggested that from now on we refer to EJ as the Dems de facto press secretary. It fits; he regurgitates their talking points ad nauseam, as does Linda Valdez with La Raza.

“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.”
- Mark Twain

Mark Twain gets wiser with age.

@Dewey & Dave72: Roger that, was just trying to get a friendly rise out of the group since we're discussing exactitude here.

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