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We'll see what the courts have to say.

We might, and we might see a judicial impeachment if a court oversteps it's bounds by interfering in this matter.

Montini continues to be a hack for the Democratic Party. He echoes the Dems on all their talking points, typically immature and whiney. And he (and the Dems) just make stuff up. He and the others of his mindset are very much responsible for the demise of today's newspaper industry. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Blatant Gerrymandering, and none of the liberals can refute it, so they resort to personal attacks or just make stuff up. When liberals feel bad (all the time) they think personal attacks will also make others feel bad - classic projection.

E. J. Montini - Arizona's own "Baghdad Bob." He can retire to Bagdad, AZ.

You wrote:
The Legislature held hearings and the Committee came up with a comprehensive list of violations.

Ha! as if that is some sort of non-partisan exercise.

"justthefactsplease" is apparently very familiar with logical fallacies.

And apparently "justthefactsplease" didn't watch all the hearings, either. The Dems chose not to show up, but there were some pro-IRC presenters that did. Not many, but they were adamant. Too bad the Dems weren't as courageous.

Great debunking of Montini. Unfortunately there are those in the 55-75 age group who probably think they are moderates leaning one way or another slightly who lap up Montini's BS like a cat to a saucer of milk.

I guess that Montini also conveniently forgot about the illegal contributions Ziddich's Fiesta Bowl made to politicians. The trips were legal, Fiesta Bowl's donations were not. Ziddich.


Since Independents outnumber Democrats now, shouldn't the Redistricting Commission have 2 Republicans, 2 Independents and 1 Democrat?

"It's a Dry Heat": I've been asking the same question for months. The Democrats are now a third party in Arizona and dropping; they should be treated as such. The latest numbers from the Sec of State's Office:
Republicans 1,124,173 35.5%
Independents 1,037,450 32.7%
Democrats 974,892 30.7%
The Dems don't even have a million and are just a tick shy of 5% less than Republicans. Where's the outcry? Where's the fairness? The Independents should revolt!

Thanks for the legislative link - it's worth wadding in the weeds - knowing the committee's public record findings further helps contrast the histronics Steve Gallardo's presser tried to sell as rebuttle.

Montini illustrates why the only hope this valley has for journalism to break out is if Murdoch wakes up to the prospect of just how much money he could make putting a desk in Phoenix as central city for covering the southwest.

I likewise disagree about Cronkite; another wing of the National Democrat Party - how is ASU's journalism school under Crow expected to be any different?

Montini, Roberts, Rob Robbie - they are to professional difference makers what community theater is to Broadway.

Yes, Dennis Welsh, Howie, and the others COULD make a difference - but it's an ownership and editorial problem - top down.

We don't get news because ownership on down is committed to ideology first - and from there its just socialism in and socialism out.

Slop. A not-for-profit rag-a-muffin garage sale of medocrity.

Which would be fine expcept a vibrant community actually needs information to thrive.

A credible news organization with competent people would shutter the Repugnant in a year - and make boatloads of money.

Liked your article, except for the "...just like the state employee who thinks he can jerk you around simply because he works for the Department of Motor Vehicles". Come on man! We've come along way at MVD (NOTE: it is the "Motor Vehicle Division" - a division of the DEPARTMENT of Transportation). Careful, you're dangerously close to doing what you criticize Montini for with his "de facto Governor" line.
Other than that, I enjoy your blog. Keep the espresso flowing.

Montini costs the Republic probably closer to $150K to $200K a year. Your figure is way low. Many senior editors and reporters make well into the $90K range BEFORE bennies are calculated in.
In my opinion, Montini is worth every penny. Can't say the same about the deputy editor who is his boss, most of the senior editors or the top management there.

This "paper" is in such dire straits, they have reps at local Walgreens. They ask you when you come in, if you want to win a "Walgreens" gift card. Once you start filling out the contest slip, the questions about the "Arizona Republic" come out. They don't start off the conversation with the AZ Republic first. I have told each and every "Rep" I've come across, why after reading and taking the paper for 20 years, I dropped it like a hot potato. Every "Penny" Valdez, Montini, Roberts, Gongalez, Wingnutt, etc. take away from the non-agenda employees, I consider to be theft.

RonJ, you are right. The independents should revolt. And I suspect you're not going to like it when they do.

Latest Endeavor of the "journalists" at the RAG, is to make news about EJ's 25 years at the paper. That makes me wonder whether it's just a slow news day or they are about to let go of EJ (the de facto publicity wonk of the Democrat party).

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