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EJ Montini, the "DE FACTO Slime-arm" of the Demonstrate Party.

Gannett only has so much money. They will pull the plug eventually.

Our beloved governor will sign her book "Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media and Cynical Politicos to Secure America's Borders." 2 p.m. Saturday, Barnes & Noble, 21001 N. Tatum Blvd., Phoenix. That's the Desert Ridge shopping center.

It will be interesting to see how many protesters show up.

"Long on vitriol and short on facts" is an understatement. The Dems argument all comes down to accusing the Republicans of an illegal power grab based on sour grapes. No matter how often you throw Attorney General Tom Horn's evidence of open meeting law violations at them ( http://www.azag.gov/press_releases/sept/2011/Petition.pdf ) or the problems in the maps raised by the joint legislative committee ( http://www.azleg.gov/alisPDFs/JLRC_Recommendation_FINAL_withExs.pdf ), they stick to their soundbites.

A perfect example was House Minority Leader Chad Cambell with me on Horizon ( http://www.azpbs.org/horizon/detailvid.php?id=3147 ).

What will Mathis put forward before the court to demonstrate that she performed her constitutional duties in an "honest, independent and impartial fashion"? If I were Mary O'Grady, I would be highlighting the fact that the chairwoman was the only one targeted by the Governor and Legislature for removal.

It still seems like the bar is awfully high to ultimately have her removal upheld. Remember that at least two other of commissioners had to have voted along with her on each of these issues, except the open meeting one.

*I meant to say Paul Charlton, not Mary O'Grady.

Gannett was in such dire financial shape that Soros' media funds Gannett. We all have certainly noticed that continued move to the Left.

Montini has become the propoganda arm of the uber left. He sounds more and more like the Move.On.org scripts every article.

Oy gavalt, Greg, please stop repeating false information. You sad:

"And let's not forget that the final maps are blatantly and outrageously gerrymandered...in clear violation of the Constitutional requirements."

If you are referencing the 2 safe Democratic districts, because they are majority/minority districts, they need to stay that way or DoJ would likely take issue. But you know that.

If you are referencing the new CD9, then you misunderstand (I'm thinking it is purposeful) the meaning of gerrymandering. The proposed CD9 is competitive; it is not drawn to favor a certain party or incumbent. Competitiveness is the antidote to gerrymandering. But you know that too.

You're completely missing it, Ikuby, and it's apparent there's no helping you.

Today at AzCentral (i.e., the Republic) they are reporting that the commissioners can be removed for "substantial neglect of duty and gross misconduct." This misquotes the Constitution, which provides removal for "substantial neglect of duty, gross misconduct in office, or inability to discharge the duties of office."

Bias or ineptitude? Who knows, but untrustworthy in either case.

The Republic editorialists are biased and inept. That's a dangerous combination when you buy ink by the barrel. Mary Jo P. did a decent job explaining the issue in today's (Sat 11/5) Republic but the editorialists are clueless. The governor and the Senate need to beat this drum continually until the public finally gets it. In the meantime, the court will side with Brewer and the Senate. Mathis is disgraceful.

Kavanaugh makes a great comedian...LOL. First he quotes Tom Horne as if that guy isn't some partisan hack and then moves onto the "Olivia Cortez" committee as bipartisan. Yeah, the committee formed by Republicans, for Republicans, to be used by Republicans. Silly Kavanaugh, Trix are for kids. ROFLMAO

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