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Thank you so much for giving your opinion. Not sure you heard, Greg, but that letter that Chuck C wrote for the Governor was not the problem. The issue was the lack of substance for removal.

Don't use a hammer when a feather will do. Did Mathis take an oath of office? Did she ever violate the oath?

While we are on the topic of double standards, why is the feminist community, or any of the other communities in Diversityville, not outraged about the way Jimmy Fallon and his band treated Michelle Bachman.

Al Sharpton gets his panties in a wad when the Rutgers womens BB team, in satire, is referred to as "Ho's" but I guess it's OK if a cracker, also in the context of satire, gets played out on national TV to a song called "Lyin Ass Bitch".

NBC didn't think Imus' apology was enough. NBC does think theirs is. Double standard.

The truly disturbing line in the New York Times story is this:

Myron Ebell, a climate-change skeptic who works for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market think tank based in Washington, called the new e-mails “strong evidence that a small group of scientists centered around East Anglia were engaged in a conspiracy to provide a scientifically misleading assessment of the case for catastrophic global warming.”

A "free market think tank?" Who are you kidding? The Competitive Enterprise Institute is, of course, just another arm of the Koch brothers climate change denial machine. They've received hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from Mr. and Mr. Koch. Prominent members of the "Institute," as they prefer to call it, regularly post their anti-global warming propaganda on several Koch-financed blogs and publications.

Why did the New York Times fail to identify the source of their quote as a shill for the Koch brothers?

Why does the mainstream news media keep bending over backwards pretending that global warming denial is anything other than political propaganda, most of it funded by the oil, coal, and gas industries and by the Koch brothers?

The crap these shills for the Koch bros spew out on a regular basis has all the scientific validity of research by the tobacco companies proving that smoking does not cause cancer.

When will the mainstream news media wake up and start reporting the truth?

One would do well to read the entire article. Additional stolen e-mails were leaked. None of them amount to much of anything. They don't come anywhere near proving the kind of conspiracy the shills for the Koch brothers want you to believe exists. "It smacks of desperation" is a good description of it.

Global warming is real. It is caused by human activity, specifically the burning of fossil fuels and the dumping of a specific waste product, carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. The Koch brothers can spend all the money they want trying to deny this. They will fail. The truth is not on their side.

@ RW, Koch has contributed less than $700K to CEI over a 24 year time period. That makes CEI another arm of Koch? Please!

Seems to me that we really know little about the earth since its millions of years old and the data we have now only reflects the last 150 years. I remember as a kid we were told that the earth was plunging towards a path of ever cooling temperatures because the pollution was blocking the suns heating affect. Now the earth is warming. So which is it? I don't think there's enough data to prove, without reasonable doubt, what is happening to the climate. Give me several million years of data, and I'll draw my own conclusion. In the mean time, feel free to jump back on the Gore train and head to another town to spread your gospel.

Robert Woodman is the main cause of global warming. He still can't comment on anything in less than 300 words. You're burning us up, Robert; you're burning us up!

I am sure Greg will get a press credential for the ALEC gathering in Scottsdale. Please report back to the rest of us coffee man.

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