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The Republic's "fact check" is a joke. The paper advocates positions on nearly everything and expects us to believe that if someone says something that is counter to their position that they will check the "facts" and present them in an honest way. Pure fantasy.

What multiplies the joke of a "fact check" is there is no one to "fact check" the supposed "fact checkers".

Mr. Fact Check says:

Mary Jo Pitzl is a competent reporter. False
Mary Jo Pitzl is a competent "fact checker." False
Mary Jo Pitzl is an EEO poster girl. TRUE

The facts are the facts. There is no appropriation close to $10 million. After the Republicans continue with the sham removal we will have much much more than that on legal bills.

The mission of fact checker is to slam Republican candidates. Total up all of the Republicans fact checked and compare it to democrats.

Greg: "It's been my experience that elected officials are much more informed and accurate than journalists."

Really? Then when I write an elected official about a bill I am concerned about, do they call and ask me what the bill is about?

Falcon9, Did you see AZ Republic (11/27/11) fact check (B-3)?

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