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Amanda Aguirre would be a vast improvement over that schlup Grijalva. All the lefty women ought to support her: "You go girl!"

Hope she's ready for Raul's dirty tricks brigade.

The rocket scientist fired a shot across his bow. This lady will be much worse for him, and his corrupt minions will pull out all the stops!

"...now it appears that he is even an embarrassment to members of his own party..."

Because he's facing a primary challenge? Does that mean that Schweikert and Quayle consider each other to be embarrassments? They've already announced that they are going to run for the same district.

What about Flake and Cardon? Or the gaggle of East Valley Rs who are running to replace Flake?

I'm a D (like you couldn't tell) and will freely tell you that there are a couple of Ds who are embarrassments to the rest of us. However, Raul Grijalva isn't one of them.

Craig: If Grijalva is not an embarrassment to you, you have no shame. He's an embarrassment to the entire state. Republicans will disagree with Pastore, but at least he's not an embarrassment to Arizona.

Remember when Grijalva loved the Occupy Wall Streeters? Now he is too chicken-schat to let his Congressional Progressive (Socialist) Caucus meet with the Occupiers. Meeting cancelled. Move right along, nothing to see here.

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