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It's also interesting that the Arizona Democratic Party is, so far, silent on the ruling. The Dems have been vocal supporters of the TUSD all along, even championing their "right" to teach this crap. During the debate on the bill, not a single Democrat criticized TUSD for allowing this racist garbage to be taught at taxpayer expense. For the benefit of the TUSD students, however, their budget should not be cut 10%. Instead, the State Department of Education should take over operational control of the district, fire those responsible for this mess, and hire some real educators, not anti-American subversives masquerading as teachers.

The conflict is taking place in the wrong arena. If you believe in local control of schools, which I and probably most readers of this site do, then the answer is not to have the state take over school districts because of curriculum disputes. If a Ward Churchill were to come flapping down and get himself elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, would we support his attempts to take over our district schools?

No. The battle is taking place on the wrong battleground. If the absurd parents of Tucson want to have their absurd little children taught to be even more absurd than they already are, that should be up to them. Burger King will be waiting for their talents after they're sprung from the TUSD, and we all need a good burger from time to time. The problem is the plight of the poor, captive intelligent children of Tucson who have to sit through that drivel instead of learning math or chemistry. And the solution is in the funding structure. We need a voucher system that lets funding travel with the student, whether to a public, charter, or private school. Let's see if TUSD can survive as they are without the captivity of their taxpayers.

Or have we let the leftists kill the whole concept of vouchers permanently?

"The problem is the plight of the poor, captive intelligent children of Tucson who have to sit through that drivel instead of learning math or chemistry."

Agreed. We pulled our kids out of TUSD schools and put them in parochial schools. Thankfully, we can afford the tuition. Many kids are not so lucky and are stuck in a dysfunctional school district that has conclusively proven that it cannot serve the needs of its students and their parents.

Dewey, you are correct. In the long run that works. But we have to operate within the current structure and in a timely (quick) manner. And the most efficacious way is a takeover, then work on your suggestion. TUSD employees are abusing children for their own personal agendas; they need to be held accountable. Not everyone can afford private schools. It's definitely time for vouchers--the money should follow the student. That's as local as it gets.

Daily Star is pathetic. You want to read about the Wildcats or new restaurants, they get that right most of the time. But from an editorial standpoint, political reporting, local issues they are horrible. Juvenile, hypocritical, blatantly biased. And what's often as bad as what they report and blow is the stuff they DON'T report.

These bozo's ignored the red flags of the Rio Nuevo swindle until the money was blown. Yeah, it's really easy to report on this after everyone and his brother know we got flimflammed.

So it's really no surprise to see them changing their story on the lawsuit to shift blame from Horne to Huppenthal to the Legislature instead of blaming TUSD for their own mess.

No matter. Now TUSD will either lose 10% of state funding or get rid of their idiotic Evil White Man Is Anti Hispanic curriculum.

State law simply doesn't allow for the ADE to take over a district, but law does allow for receivership under certain circumstances. That's what happened with Colorado City's school district. Of course, that was over financial indiscretions. Tucsonans need to wake up and elect new Board members for TUSD, which will likely never happen. So... enterprising charter operators should build, build, build in the Old Pueblo. The pickings are ripe.

In Tucson, we refer to the rag as The Red Star because it is just a lefty propaganda sheet.

Typical Republican hypocricy. If it is something you like than reduce regulations and limit government. If it is something you are against than local control and parental choice can suck the big one....right Ron J?

Sorry, "Truther," but if you had paid attention in class, you would know that every political entity in the state is under the direction and control of state government (and, of course, ultimately, under the control of the people). School districts are creations of the state and if they are messing up, the state can step in. I know you lefties think that also works with the Feds coming in to take control of state functions, but in reality, the U.S. Constitution gives the federal government no such power (it's called limited government, and the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, something federal officials apparently do not read or believe in). Remember: the States created the federal government, not the other way around. The creation is not greater than the creator--not in nature and not in government.

Hey Ron J, how about medical marijuana? No hypocrisy there?

The Democratic Party and the rest of the left do not have a monopoly on hypocrisy. Although they are trying their best to prove otherwise.

I agree that the medical marijuana is GOP hypocrisy. The real question is when will some of these true bluers call them out on it. I won't hold my breath for any coffee lobbyists. Nice that RonJ sees it though :-)

Truther, don't make too big of a leap and pat me on the back quite yet. The difference between the two issues is this: In both cases Arizona GOP leaders (Brewer, Horne, others) are enforcing federal law. The Bush and Obmama admininistrations want the federal drug laws enforced; they don't want the federal immigration laws enforced. Arizona wants to enforce both.

How about some investigative reporting on the connections between Horne and the law firm hired by the AG's office to represent the state in front of the Administrative judge? I wonder where I might find that??? Wow, right here - http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/bastard/2011/12/tom_hornes_pay-to-play_ethnic.php

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