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Government intrusion into the lives of law abiding citizens and businesses in this country and in Arizona is out of control. Thank goodness for watchdog groups like Goldwater Institute to put a healthy fear into our elected officials and bureaucrats.

Where is GI on Arpaio and his profiling? Where are they when the legislature decides to tax the public workers and extra 3% on the retirement contribution to fill in the budget deficit? Where are they on Carpe Diem and the cheating?

Bolick probably got the tattoo in payment for his services pushing that stupid tattoo parlor into a Tempe neighborhood a few years ago - not Bolick's own neighborhood - someone else's neighborhood. The scorpion fits him. Hope it hurt.

Truther, from the article:

Among the sheriff’s detractors has been the Goldwater Institute, which does not hesitate to go after Republicans. “Our view is that the role of the sheriff is to effectively enforce the law, and we’ve been sharply critical of his department fulfilling its most basic function,” Mr. Bolick said.

Under "Interests" on his facebook page, Mr. Bolick puts "suing the government" as his first entry. Gotta love the guy.

Jonathan, Just like Tim Hogan's group:

The Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest (ACLPI) is a private, non-profit, public interest law firm dedicated to representing the people of Arizona on issues that affect us all, including clean air and water, access to education and school finance reform, open government, health care, consumer rights, campaign finance reform, and the protection of our public lands and natural resources. Since 1974, the Center has fought for individuals and groups who lack the power or money to take on big business and big government.

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