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When the economy turns southward, it's a great opportunity to look inward, to evaluate your priorities, mission, direction, etc. It's actually nice to see the Republic taking this opportunity to do so with their business coverage. I strongly suggest they do the same with their editorial board and columnists.

Ken Western is a good man. I remember when he was the aviation writer for the paper and he always seemed to be fair in his reporting. I can imagine that he will bring that perspective to the business column. The Republic can't compete with the internet for breaking news, and political news is everywhere,so it needs to be more enterprising somewhere. Business coverage has been very weak, but there are lots of stories that a newspaper can develop that could attract readers. That's essentially what the sports section does now. They cover high schools and do more profiles, etc., because ESPN and the internet have rendered daily scores and game summaries pointless.

Jon Talton was no leftist. To describe him that way is a fundamental misunderstanding of political philosophies. He was no Chicago school/Friedman type, but failure to be that far to one side of the spectrum doesn't make one a leftist. What Talton was, was a critic. Like a food critic or a movie critic, their self-assigned role is to find fault. There was nothing "leftist" about Talton. Supporting the arts, culture, public amenities to quality of life, a purposeful policy to attract a higher wage economy, does not make one a leftist. Suggesting that government take money from the affluent to fund government or the poor would qualify someone as a leftist. I dont recall Talton ever saying that. What Talton was saying is that there is not enough financial capital in our region and there is not enough being done to foster an environment that is welcome to financial capital.

Jack says ...

"Supporting the arts, culture, public amenities to quality of life, a purposeful policy to attract a higher wage economy, does not make one a leftist. Suggesting that government take money from the affluent to fund government or the poor would qualify someone as a leftist."

Suggesting that the government take money from *anyone* to fund, or even assist in the funding of, the arts, culture, public amenities to quality of life, a purposeful policy to attract a higher wage economy, etc., would also qualify someone as a leftist.

Just in case you missed that in Socialism 101 ...

Talton kept warning that building the state's economy on the development model (If we keep building homes the economy will be fine.)alone was a recipe for futture disaster. Unfortunately, all of his warnings came true.

future - typo

"Talton led a relentless chorus about how badly Arizona sucked."

Who else was part of this "chorus"?

"Who else was part of this 'chorus'?
The Morrison Institute at ASU--it's a bunch of pointed headed leftists who criticize anything from the right. The collectivists want the government to do everything for everyone. Dave K is correct.

Gannett/Republic continues to just shuffle the deck chairs. Same people. New titles. No new blood with new ideas. This is Lovely's lame attempt to merge the Channel 12 staff with the Republic staff to make the honchos at Gannett happy so they can brag about their unified newsroom. Western's move is just another move to push him aside. Meanwhile they have Phil Boas, who is related to Arpaio through marriage, in charge of all editorial opinion. How wrong is that!!! Cherrill Crosby is the worst. She is a vindictive person who treats reporters like crap. Morale on her staff has never been worse. She is in charge of watchdog stories, yet stifles most ideas as too controversial. They are putting the features editor in charge of business. Laura Trujillo knows nothing about business. Of course no one else there does either. That's the job Western should have. (He had it once before.) As for all the negative comments here about Talton, just admit that you hate him because you disagree with him. Wake up! A critic's job is to criticize.

But you should criticize while using the facts and not with a leftist agenda.

any one who does not subscribe to your philosophies you describe as leftist. If only life were so simple.

Cherrill Crosby is singlehandedly responsible for the demise of some of the best editors and reporters the Republic ever had. Vindictive is only one adjective that applies to this sorry excuse for a "journalist." She is stupid, insecure, a micro-manager, would not know a story if it bit her in her considerable ass, and simply has no business in a newsroom. She belongs back in the potato factory she used to work at in Idaho. She has been universally despised at every newspaper she has worked at. She was a corporate rescue by Sue Clark Johnson because once Gannett sold the Boise paper to Knight-Ridder (who then sold it to McClatchy) it was clear Crosby NEVER would have been kept on. Those companies had/have standards. So, SCJ "saved" her and condemned the rest of us. And, at the Republic, she rises. That pretty much says it all about the pathetic operation at 200 EVB.

janfan: Yeah, pretty much. Because I am right of middle, if you are on the "other side" that would make you, by definition, a leftist. It's really that simple. Not everything has to be complicated.

"Jon Talton was no leftist." Bwah-hah-hah-haaaaaaaaaaah! Talton never met a tax increase or a gummint solution that he didn't like. BTW, Talton was a history major, so the Republic obviously assigned him to write a Business Section column about economics. Of course, 90% of the Republic's editorial staff (the leftist chorus) initially thought he was brilliant.

His abysmal ignorance of basic economics was often hilarious. My 7 year-old grandson knows more than Talton about basic economics: no completed chores = no allowance = no shopping at Target's dollar section.

I have nothing to say, but I am glad that I can comment here, incognito. Shane Wikfers is running off readers from his Sonoran Alliance, by making us register.

I wonder if the Republic will ever get around to an analysis like this:


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