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It shocks how little this (and others like it)get so little traction. Is it we've expect our representatives to be corrupt so we accept it?

Be sure to add Banjamin Quayle to that list of entitled east coast legacy families. Never held a real job for more than 2 years, daddy pushes him out to run for Congress in Arizona, buys son a $1 million dollar luxury house all while the kid behaves like a reckless Kennedy partying hard in the Scottsdale nightlife and blogs about it on thesirty.com. Let's throw all these crooks out! Ron Paul for President!

Greg, What is the point of this missive? The NYT article doesn't explain how Rep. Pastor made his million (for all we know he could have $1 over a million). It sounds like he received some sound investing advice and the stocks paid off in a volatile market. I guess you should have run for Congress instead of going to law school. :)

Exactly how do you become a Millionaire on a Congressman's salary?

When Reid talks about Millionaires that don't create jobs ... now I know he is talking about Congressmen.

Good for Ed. Now he can join the GOP Rich Boys Club, become a grover and call himself a patriot.

Lyndon B. Johnson set the standard, and now members of both parties are following his lead. A pox on all their houses.


LBJ was the smart one - he married a woman who knew how to make money:

"it was Lady Bird who laid the roots for the Johnson-family wealth. In 1943 she invested $17,000 from her mother's estate in the purchase of KTBC, a small Austin radio station. Over the years it grew into a media conglomerate in which she was actively involved for more than four decades."

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1642901,00.html#ixzz1hmtCnpfY

LBJ also used his position to protect/enhance the value of those media properties. In the early 60s, as I recall it, Austin was the largest city in the US to have only one TV station. Guess who owned it?

For some reason the FCC kept finding reasons to turn down all the applicants.

Ken, Ron Paul? You've got to be joking. We've all heard Ron Paul say he opposes a border fence (it will be used to keep us in).

Then why does Dr. Paul showcase a border fence to demonstrate how tough he will be on illegal immigration? I will vote for a Platform Republican over Libertarian Paul:

Thank you, BobH, you are correct. LBJ was one of the most corrupt poltiicians this country ever had/has (although BHO is giving him a run for his money). $17,000 and a small radio station is a good start, but running the Senate and then the White House gave LBJ leverage no one else had.

How nice, now I know where the money I paid into Social Security and Medicare since the 60s is going.

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