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Another poorly-written hit piece against a conservative by Yvonne Wingnut Sanchez. And the hits just keep on coming!
Just wait until next year. The 2012 election will go down in history as one of if not the most vile, hateful campaigns ever; led by Obama's one-billion campaign chest with the assistance of the bigoted, left-wing media. They want to keep their socialist buddy in the White House and will pull out all stops to do so. And yet the heads of the national Republican Party tell us not go after Obama. Bovine Feces! He and his policies are fair game.

I am waiting for wingnut-sanchez to do an investigation on the theft of taxpayer's money by illegal immigrants. Interestingly, perhaps three of those being the illegal teens profiled by the rag. It's garbage like this which shall hasten the rag's demise. A pure, ugly, biased hit piece.

Greg, Have you ever been a payee for a SSD recipient? If you had been you would know the law (I have been such a payee.)

You write, "If he had received benefits at this time, they would have gone to offset the cost of his incarceration, so even if he collected benefits when he shouldn't have...it would have been a government to government transfer." If his mother was his payee, the funds should have gone to a bank account set up by his mother (In trust for... account), she would have been the trustee of the account. It would have been her job to send the funds to the state hospital or county or state prison (and not to his commissary account) for it to be what you label a "government to government" transfer. BTW, when I was a payee for SSA clients, I immediately informed SS that the said clients were incarcerated and the funds stopped immediately and if the incarceration happened mid-month I returned the funds back to SSA.

West, that is interesting. When I tried to inform the lawyers about a probate (ss) funds regarding a protected person whom happened to be an illegal immigrant with kids whose guardian had shipped the person back to Mexico, but guardians were still collecting month after month, no one cared enough to do anything about it. Fraud is so rampant and commonplace the fed govt apparently considers it the cost of doing business.
What I have seen in cps, probate and education is apalling. The taxpayers are getting fleeced.

Total sleazy hit piece on Brewer.

The blogger’s review of the story is accurate. When I read the Rep’s story, it brought to mind the lawsuit against the charter school at which now Sen. Lewis is the principal. How easy would it have been for the Rep to produce an article of similar merit with regard to that issue? But, paraphrasing the blogger, that wouldn’t have fit the script.

Greg, you are indispensable as always. I read the article but found myself unable to grasp the real journalistic point of it (other than as a hit piece). I'm glad it wasn't just me...

The rag has now allowed comments on this without "FB". I assumed that they really wanted those hundreds of comments from the Conkrite school and typical Brewer haters.

Indespensable? Greg-clones (i.e., sheep) unite!

West and janf** Get over it you are becoming the 'hippies' old. soon you will be wearing stocking caps and marching in pradades with dopey banners.

Chick, thank you for affirming that corruption is alive and well in this country.

You know, the story would have been so much better if there had been at least one Connie Stevens reference ...

Apparently joe stalin believes that no one who disagrees with Greg should be allowed to comment here. What fun would that be? If that were the case RonJ wouldn't have anything to do.

Interesting story -- more feet on the ground, less arrests -- I am sure Greg will find a way to explain to us what is wrong with this story -


I wonder how long it will take the local paper to cover this story:


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