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Why cater to the libs that post here? If they really read what you post, they should know about your take. What they are doing is typical misdirection.

The sooner Bundgaard goes the better, the guy is a dirt sandwich. Once they get rid of him they can go after Patterson without any reservations.

Those of us on the right need to purge woman-beaters, frauds, and liars from our midst. Bundgaard is all this and more so it will be wonderful to hear the news when he is removed. Now if only the Dems would be as vigilant with their caucus...

Greg, did you think better about your post regarding being right to condemn Thomas and Arpaio? It came through the RSS feed, but is magically unavailable. I just have to point out to you that even a broken clock is right twice a day :)

Oh, and tell yor GOP buddies who control the Ethics Committee to feel free to take a look at Patterson... as long as they use the same clear and convincing evidentiary standard they will use to acquit Bundgaard :)

Bungaard just resigned; perhaps Patterson should as well.

What does it tell us that so many people in positions of power, even in weak roles like state legislators, are pretty much willing to do ANYTHING to keep that power?

They are either deceived about their role, or they're spot on.

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