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Why do you cast so far afield for an analogy in your third to last paragraph? Why not take a directly parallel example - what if some killer were stalking starbucks barristas whose work places he identified through ads in the Republic or via Google Maps? Would you really run around in circles blaming Google? This is like saying that a serial killer is facilitated by the phone companies because they public a phone book the killer used.

We are talking about ads placed via free exchange for consensual sex. Yes, in our bizarre society, Conservatives who nominally support all other types of free exchange have had this one sort banned. But it is ironically the very fact that this sort of consensual commerce is illegal that makes this work so dangerous. Escorts/hookers are vulnerable to abuse, crime, fraud etc. precisely because they have less ability to access the legal system for redress.

If you want to discuss who facilitated the death of these women, let's talk about those who drove their profession underground.

Greg, I see a clever slight of the pen in your blog:

Earlier this year, I pointed out that various members of the clergy as well as 45 Attorneys General had complained that the "Backpage" website hosted by New Times was being used to facilitate sex trafficing of children. Now it looks like things are even worse.

DETROIT — Detroit police fear that a killer may be targeting escorts after finding that three of four women found dead in car trunks within blocks of each other this month had placed sex-related ads on the same website.

Attorneys general for 45 states had raised concerns earlier this year about how the site, Backpage.com, polices ads for adult services.

In your opening paragraph, you talk about a blog talking about sex-trafficking children.

Then you quote the Detroit Press article talking about "adult services." I think we would all agree that the sex trafficking of children is immoral and illegal regardless of how it is promoted. However, the Detroit Press article and your analysis is focused on adult consensual sexual behavior.

Can you clarify your point?


I get what you're saying, but regardless of Greg's pen, "Adult services" and trafficking of underage women go hand-in-hand. Ask the guys on the Phx Vice Unit...

All____, I know the "guys" on the Phx Vice Unit and some of them are "gals".

Your article is very attractive to me.
More New Times Victims Surface--Plus a Great Bar Exam Question

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