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EJ is wrong. Arizona does not think that it should have its own immigration policy in the sense of an official immigration policy. It is trying to enforce existing federal law to which it has rightly deferred.

Now if he is talking about unwritten policies regarding which and how the immigration laws are enforced, he may have a point. But that points to hypocrisy on the part of the federal government.

If the states are found to be forbidden to enforce national immigration law, then it would follow that the states do not have to enforce any other national law such as drugs, environment, taxes and tariffs etc.

And what about bank robberies? It's a federal offense to rob a bank. How come the feds want, demand, local law enforcement to arrest bank robbers, but not illegal aliens? It's obviously federal hypocrisy and, of course, politics.

The best part of EJ's cheap shot is that it appeared in the "Civility" issue of the Republic. Stay classy, EJ!

You can find EJ Montini in the dictionary next to "civility." He's in the antonym section.

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