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Greg, you do know he just can't take contributions from lobbyists, during the session -- that's the only prohibition.

Greg, you may be correct; but never underestimate the ego and arrogance of a politician. Schapira believes he's always correct in every decision he makes, every stand he takes. Also, staying in his position as Senate Minority Leader gives him free press coverage. History is against that approach, but, again--ego and arrogance.

Sinema's resignation was a brilliant move? Have you read the coverage she is getting? Not good, unless being called a quitter on every media outlet is somehow beneficial to her?

What's your take on her not even living in the CD she wants is running in? Is that a positive for her campaign too? Give me a break!

You underestimated David when you predicted that Wendy Rogers would beat him in 2010, and you are again.

Also, I will file your "David won't run" prediction with your now famous (or infamous) Avatar-will-flop-cause-its-too-liberal call. -- Looks like you aren't any good at this prediction game.

Intriguing conjecture, but there are plenty of angles you have not considered.

Greg, you'd love to see a Sinema/Hallman match up in the fall, wouldn't you?

David Shapira is an intelligent, competent and very well-liked legislator. Members of the Democratic party and the press have predicted an excellent future for him in politics.

He is fair, articulate, steady, dependable--can we go on?
We could but you know what we think. We can do no better that to go with David!

Dave and Kathy Schwarz

Maybe your boy Bundgaard will run. Where's your coverage of that debacle, Greg? At least tell us again how unfair The Republic is being as they provide the blow-by-blow details about this scumbag.

Sinema pulling a Palin might help her raise money but it also makes her look really bad. We all know that politicians are ambitious people, but most of them are at least good enough to try and hide it. She bailed on the people she swore to represent as soon as it was convient for her; that's not the makings of a good representative.

Bundgaard...where is that coverage coffee man?

For all of those folks saying Schapira will beat Sinema you're wrong or living in an alternative universe. Sinema is the hardest working dem in Az. And smart. She knows that you need money to win elections and all of you insiders who write on this thing know that. No one is buying your spin. She knew there was no reason to be the leader of a caucus that could hold their meetings in the Senate elevator. Having said that Sal will crush her in the primary, if he has the Juevos to run that is.

Let's face it. Schapira can't possibly beat Sinema if he remains in office. Sinema has the more dynamic presence, and is more prominent on a national stage.Your article is very attractive to me.

David Schapira is a grassroots Democrat famed for knocking on 15K doors in LD17 during his recent campaigns. He fought in competitive races and recruited and mentored other Democratic candidates. He is our Senate Democratic Leader, educational reformer, and a School board Member in Tempe. He is the natural successor to Harry Mitchell. Run, David, Run!

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