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I would still like to see The Year in Books - 2011.

Thank you Greg and I know you will do well on ABOR.

Was this all just a liberal plot to shut your blog down?

We'll miss you, Greg! Watching the MSM collaspe won't be as fun without you... ;-)

There goes my major newsfeed for what's going on in the area.

I wish you all the best but I'm looking forward to your return.

The Regent position will prove to be less influential than your work on this blog. The pen is mightier than the sword (and the bureaucracy that goes with it).

Don't go dark, dammit. No one cares if you don't blog the ACC, because no one cares about the ACC. But if you stop blogging the red meat topics in Arizona politics we will all suffer. I guess the good news is that others might just take up the opportunity if you fade out, so I do have some hope.

The blogosphere's potential loss (which I hope doesn't happen) is definitely the ABOR's gain. You are exactly who that board needs!

Oh no!! Now you're going to have me hoping that your nomination is voted down.

Well, not really, but you will be missed.

Congrats! You have tremendous talent and a great opportunity to serve AZ. I have faith that you will grow in those areas that need some additional work in order for you to fully use the gifts with which God has blessed you. As for Espresso Pundit: I have enjoyed it over the years, but I think you are facing a 1 Corinthians 13:11 moment. You are smart and entertaining as a blogger, but AZ needs more from you now.

Sorry, BCM, there's nothing "childish" about Espresso Pundit. It's a great town hall-type format to discuss important topics. And there's nothing wrong with having a bit of fun, too.
Nevertheless, congrats to you, Greg, wishing you all the best.

Congrats Greg. The espresso will be greatly missed. Good luck in your next venture!

Congratulations. Maybe you could write the Regents Newsletter.

Its been a great ride. Hopefully someone else will pick up the mantle of keeping the Republic (somewhat) honest.

Best of luck!

I'm with David from Chandler...where else am I going to go to get the behind-the-scenes political hoo-hah in AZ?

...seriously, though, any recommendations?

I will miss your perspective on government and media. The local rag referred to you as a "controversial blogger". If by controversy they mean "doesn't use spell check" I agree. Of course when you are conservative they call you controversial. Now, take someone who incites overthrow of an elected body and causes a TUSD meeting to be cancelled...that's thoughtful reasoned rational discussion from Threesome Morons.

Anyway, I've greatly enjoyed reading your posts and will miss this. Your tone was always civil, you were unabashedly conservative, but you seemed to give all sides a break.

I think ABOR is getting a bright, effective new regent who will be asking tough questions, demanding accountability, and will have a positive impact on the state university system. I think there will be a lot of very good discussion of the issues between you and the other regents and I also think that they know that, even Sen Schapira. From what I read you handled his question pretty well.

Best of luck to you.

I could see expecting you to refrain from posting about university issues, but a total shutdown seems excessive to me. We need insight from people with your connections and experience. You'll be missed on the net.

All the best in your new position. I will miss your blog. I hope you will be as candid and fresh moving on.

Congrats Mr Patterson! Hopefully your stint in public life (again) goes better than Evil Mr Patterson.

Congrats, Greg -- and God Bless you and yours.

Congratulations, Greg. I will miss the blog.

I believe you had more pull, push and persuasion here in the blogosphere.

However, I'm EXPECTING great things from you and the Board of Regents now ... you have a calling and a mandate to not let these institutions continue in their current wayward philanthropic direction with tax payer money.


Congratulations Mr. Patterson despite the lone voice of dissent, David Schapira. What was he thinking? Schapira's stated reason was exactly where you brought value. Good luck.

Congratulations and good luck.

I know you say Sen. Schapira engaged you in robust discussion at the hearing, but his opposition is misguided. His chief complaint was that you criticized the Regents in your posts (Oh, the horror!). Sounds to me like Schapria just wants another rubber stamp on the Board instead of someone who will actually hold feet to the fire with our universities. Glad he lost his battle. Now get to work - Arizona needs you.

First Casey Newton, now you. Conway sad!

Congratulations, but Espresso Pundit going dark will be a very serious loss for the Arizona political arena. You really do have more influence through the blog than you could ever have as a Regent.

I can only hope that some as-yet-unknown rises to at least partially fill the deep void this will cause.

You are too kind in your comments regarding Schapira's questioning (I'm sure we all understand why). He was disengenuous in his questions and comments. More than once Schapira prefaced his questioning and commenting with: "This has nothing to do with your blogging about me." (Me thinks he doth protest too much.) And then he hides behind the Republic's editorial rants against you. Bad form.
Congrats to you; hopefully Espresso Pundit won't be dark for long.

Congrats, Greg. Please don't sell the espresso machine. At least keep it going for a while and see if you can find some niches you feel at liberty to cover. Maybe recruit a co-blogger -- maybe Alice in Stan's shop? You should realize the community importance of maintaining your status as a blogger -- if you lose that, how would the Republic ever be able to characterize you? CPA? Attorney? Regent? Hospital board member? No, those would never work. Ya gotta keep the blogger title, if only for the satisfaction of the Republic.

I'm really going to miss your posts, Greg. Some of the best commentary and political analysis out there. This election cycle will not be the same without you. Congratulations on your appointment.

Anyone else see the irony regarding the trade of academic freedom for academic power? On the other hand, If they couldn't remove Mathis from the IRC, they couldn't remove Greg from the BOR.

One of the ways the powers deal with critics is to promote them into a place where they lose the power to be critical of them. It is an effective silencing technique.

westsider: This is three times in two weeks we agree. It must be the Apocalypse. ;-)

Fantastic news.

How ironic that a one-day campaign in the Repugnant openly aimed to shelve your appointment - leads to - overwhelming outpouring of support - leading in turn to -A COMPLETE REVERSAL AND ULTIMATE VICTORY.

In about as short a time! Simply icing on the cake. Well earned & well done.

Of course it is a difficult trade off knowing that your insightful blog is going dark.

That said, I can't agree that BOR is just some roundabout way to shut up the Espresso.

To the contrary. Given your qualities and qualifications, I've no doubt you will lead and accomplish great things in a vital area of public service.

It is very reassuring that there is a comon sense conservative at the table there - especially at a time when the trust in government bodies is so low here in Arizona.

Best of luck and thanks for everything.

God bless you, Greg. I rarely comment, but I check every day. Your voice in this forum will be missed. Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge.

I'll feel lonesome in my schadenfreude watching the MSM crashing down! Perhaps another local blog will pick up the mantle and run with it. Like maybe Exurban League. Whom I know to have been busy recently. But seriously. Hint Hint . . .

Paging David Dodenhoff

Thanks, Greg, for the memories. You've run a great blog, and it's been great fun hanging out here. Best wishes for the future.

Over and out.

I'm with RonJ and Westsider. If this appointment has the side effect of shutting down the Pundit, then it's as much curse as blessing. I wish you the best of luck wherever your life and fortunes take you, but the loss of this blog will be hard on Arizona politics.

So, I've been busy for a long time and I finally check back and this is the post I see?

I take full responsibility for this epic disaster.

If I promise to do better and check in daily, will you come back?

I know. Start an anonymous blog. I won't tell. Come on!!

Greg: a lot late to the dance, but congratulations on your appointment. You very favorably impressed me the brief time I had to interact with you (something about the corp commission, years ago) and I have every belief that you'll do an excellent job on the ABOR
Jim Junker

It should be pointed out somewhere in a public forum that the letter to the editor endorsing Mr. Patterson's appointment that was printed in the Arizona Republic from Maricopa Integrated Healthcare System President and CEO Betsey Bayless was a flagrant violation of MIHS policy regarding political activity.

MIHS policy prohibits any employee from identifying themselves as an employee of the district and making any political endorsement. The policy states that MIHS employees "shall not" make any political endorsements with the words "shall not" in bold face with the word "not" underlined. The policy also explicitly defines the term "employee" to include officers of the Maricopa Integrated Healthcare System, which would include Ms. Bayless. The policy does not exempt anyone under any circumstance. I am not, as a district employee, allowed to identify myself as such and make any political endorsement. The front page of the policy bears the name of Betsey Bayless, President and CEO of the MIHS.

Bayless had absolutely no business making a political endorsement in this situation. I am curious to see if any disciplinary action will be taken against her. As an employee, I could always complain to the Special Health Care District Board. But then, I'd be complaining to Greg Patterson and Elbert Bicknell, who also wrote a letter to the editor. I suppose my complaints would fall on deaf ears.

It's nice to know there are rules that all of us must follow and then there are rules that the chosen few are allowed to walk all over. Nice one, Betsey.

Get a rope!

I want to join the chorus discouraging you from stopping the blogging. You have always been thought provoking and very inciteful. I will now have to look elsewhere when handicapping the elections. Congratulations and good luck.

Try going to S.H.I.E.L.D. armorandshield.blogspot.com

Greg, you have been fantastic and will be missed. Thank you.

I'm going to miss RonJ's comments. Seriously, I don't always agree with them but I can't read them without thinking of my Grandpa (in a good way). Congrats on the appointment.

I just heard a clip of Steve Gallardo walking the dangerous ground that only libs dare to tread, classifying people by skin color and the "they don't look like me". Apparently the seat Mr. Patterson is being replaced is the Hispanic chair? (according to Gallardo.)

Rep. Gallardo, are you a big? racist? obsessive about skin color? Ethno-superiority?


You have been one of my best connections for Arizona news. You will be greatly missed. Good luck on your new adventures and send us all an email when you start blogging again!

Tim Carlson (former Arizonan)
Taguig City, Philippines

Dave: I think I'll take that as a compliment as I reach for my walker.

I hate to interrupt the going away party. But I have some questions.

Did anyone else besides me notice those two very sharp twists in the road? Very very very sharp twists, if fact. So sharp and so twisty I have to wonder what happened.

Twist number one begins with Rich Crandall removing Greg Patterson's name from the agenda of the Senate Education Committee, which he chairs, and telling the Arizona Republic that he has some concerns about Mr. Patterson and has heard from the business community that they'd like to see someone from a business background on the Board of Regents.

Not a very surprising twist. Crandall is a moderate who did not support the anti-immigrant agenda of former Senate President Russell Pearce. He's endorsed Bob Wolsey, Pearce's opponent in the Republican primary as Pearce seeks to return to the legislature. Patterson is obviously in the Pearce camp. His job description in the Pearce camp varies from chief cheerleader to head honcho hatchet man. I was not at all surprised to see Crandall hold up Patterson's nomination.

Big twist: Crandall puts Patterson back on the agenda, and Crandall and Jerry Lewis vote in favor of Patterson. It's a surprise coming from Crandall. It's an outright shock coming from Lewis, after Patterson's treatment of him last fall. Sharp and twisty as sharp and twisty can be.

Big sharp twist number 2: On his post titled "It's a honor to be nominated," dated April 2, 2012, Patterson states: "Actually, I have a strict "no blogging about clients" policy. That's why you don't read about the Hospital or the Corporation Commission in Espresso Pundit. If confirmed, I won't be blogging about the Regent." Simple and straight ahead, espresso with nothing on the side. Patterson says unequivocally that he intends to keep blogging.

Sharp twist number 2 takes a really strange sharp twist. The Senate Education Committee approves Patterson's nomination. Patterson announces he's shutting down the Espresso Pundit blog. Here you have it:

"Speaking of new chapters...you may have read that Espresso Pundit is going to go dark for a while.

I think the Regents position is similar in stature to a Judiciary appointment. I don't think I can serve as a sitting Regent and blog the way I have blogged in the past. So I'm going to put the espresso machine in the attic for a while."

A Judiciary appointment? Oh really? Hogwash. In what way is serving on the Board of Regents similar to a Judiciary appointment? Patterson will be presiding over court cases? He's going to show up at meetings wearing a powdered wig and a robe? People will address him as "Your Honor?"

Serving on the Board of Regents involves overseeing the State's university system. Very much like being on the Health Care District Board involves overseeing a hospital and a network of clinics. Patterson did not stop blogging when he was elected to the Health Care District Board. He clearly did not, at first, plan to stop blogging if his nomination to the Board of Regents was confirmed.

Am I the only one who thinks big twist in the road number 1 and even bigger twist in the road number 2 are probably connected? In fact, intertwined with one another? To put it very bluntly, straight espresso with no milk: Did Crandall and Lewis demand the shut down of the Espresso Pundit blog as a condition of confirming Patterson's appointment? Was there a behind closed doors meeting where this agreement was reached? If no such agreement took place, what other explanation is there for the twisty twists in this story?

I think the question deserves an answer.

I'd also love to see Patterson in powdered wig. Just kidding.

While I'm very happy about your appointment, I am also saddened by the loss of the blog. Yours was always the first I would check and often the most insightful.

I wish you the best on the ABOR. I suspect that you realize more than most that our higher learning system needs as big a change as the news business has been undergoing for a number of years. Disruptive technologies and techniques are always very hard on those who are reliant on the status quo. May your analyses and insights be of great benefit to the ABOR and the citizens and students of Arizona.

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