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I have no issue with Greg's qualifications for a position on the Board of Regents. I do have some concern that there are those who would complain that Greg (or any sitting or potential Regent) is critical of a sitting university president. So what!? I want all Regents to hold the presidents' feet to the fire. Looking at the top-heavy administrations of all the schools should be of concern to everyone. I hope Greg goes forward and holds each president accountable for every dollar spent, regardless of its source. We need no sychophants on the Board of Regents.

Greg here's hoping you can make the economic argument to the regents that decreasing tuition will increase revenues for the Universities

Congratulations, you will make a great Regent

Good luck!

Congratulations, what a huge honor! I think you will be confirmed and provide an educated and fair perspective on all sides :)


Excellent nomination!!!

I will be disappointed in any legislator who doesn't vote to confirm Greg Patterson. Very disappointed. Our state universities can really benefit from Greg's perspective and fresh thinking.

OK, you have my vote.

Congratulations, Greg! Am sure you'll serve the state with distinction, following confirmation to this important position. Thank you for your service.

I think the Arizona university system would best be served if Greg was appointed as Athletic Director for ASU. This would allow him to utilize his true talents.

Hiking, blogging and drinking coffee are not yet NCAA-santioned competitive sports.

Dude, why wasn't Greg on the Board already? The ONLY downside to Greg being on the board is that us regular folks won't hear about the shenanigans going on inside it.

Congratulations, you are well qualified and have common sense, something in short supply these days.

Seems like you are spread pretty thin Greg. Which one of your other "jobs" are you going to give up to make time for this job?

Best wishes on the nomination, Greg.

I agree, though, with the comment above that I'll be disappointed not to be reading here about the Regents. I also agree with RonJ that having criticized a president of a university should not be in any way a disqualification.

Since it might seem petty for you to write it here, I'll say it for you: The Republic's article on your nomination was another great example of what you "frequently condemn" in the newspapers. How do they measure "more controversy than usual?" Is it even news that Democrats (only one of whom they actually cite) oppose a Republican appointment? Since when is the executive director of a political party a credible source for calling someone else's appointment "narrowly partisan"? And where did they learn to spend the first half of the article detailing critiques of a "conservative blogger" before mentioning any of your government experience? Sadly, probably just what you expected from them.

In any case, congratulations on the appointment. Not that you need it in the current political environment, but you have the support of one Democrat who thinks you'll be a fine addition.

Betsy Bayless was the most constituent-friendly supervisors on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in the past 30 years.

Betsy Bayless doesn't have a confrontational bone in her body. Always a nice person.

Today's Republic story is your badge of honor. It's like having a page A1 endorsement ... You should frame it.

I hope they give it to you. Good Luck.

Could you repost that chart on the cost of tuition at ASU from 1990 to today?

The last thing AZ needs is far right wing idealogy on the Board of Regents. Right wing politics and public education are like oil and water. How can this be good for students, the schools and the taxpayers in general? Read your own blogs! A leopard does not change his spots. (Also see that consideration of your nomination has been removed from the agenda. Proof enough that someone is not sure about this either.)

If anyone honestly believes Crandall has the juice the hold this up for any length of time with his stated excuse, they're kidding themselves.

Excellent choice for the Arizona BOR. Good luck Greg, and oh yeah, who will be telling us what's going on inside the education circles after you get the post?

Moderate Crandall can't hold up the nomination forever. He's just posturing (what a surprise) for his lefty friends in the education bureaucracy. He knows he has no support from anyone on the right, so he has has to shore up his support from the mods and the left. Looking forward to his primary run against a solid conservative, John Fillmore.

Congratulations. I agree with Tom; excellent choice. I can't think of a more qualified, or needed, candidate. I cherish your blog and only wish you'd write more and more often. I sometimes fantasize about being on the Regents and what I would do to shake things up. I think the ubiquitous average college professor is vastly overpaid and underworked, while the rare, capable and dedicated professor is underpaid and overworked. Hope you will be able to address that imbalance.

Having talked to Greg Patterson at length about his positions on higher education, I can tell you we really need him on the Board of Regents. We need to get the cost of a college education under control so people do not have to become indentured servants to student loan debt just to go to college. And we need to shepherd students into degree programs that will result in their being employable upon graduation. These are priorities of his, and he is the man to get that job done.

Crandall ditched the nomination. So sad.

Perhaps Patterson ought to consider an apology to State Senator Jerry Lewis for the box of old clothing hatchet job he pulled last fall. Nah, slay me. Won't happen.

Paybacks are a bitch.

Betsy Bayless was the most constituent-friendly supervisors on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in the past 30 years.

I read about Crandall holding up the nomination hoping for a person with big business experience. Hogwash. I am not interested in our state universities being more freindly towards big business. They are in the business of education, not R&D for out of state companies. If money is so tight for universities they can do like the rest of us have done, including state and local governments and downsize. Get rid of outdated programs that cost a lot to run. Get rid of buildings that are outdated and expensive to maintain/upgrade. Get out of the housing business, etc.

I have nothing to do with generic pharmacy who re-posted my post.

I think lemonparty.org put it best

You were fabulous in the hearing. The plain good sense and honest speaking were right on target. I hope you can get my school, ASU, back on track. My senator voted just the way I asked her.

Way to go Greg! The Espresso Pundit will be missed greatly.

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