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Does e j montini really exist or is he pure fiction? Inquiring minds want to know (well, not really).
Montini wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the butt (if he really existed, that is).

The truth is, this post almost rises to the level of silly nit-picking. But it fails. Even nit-picking has more gravitas than this.

The Republican Party picked the wrong side of the gay rights issue. Which helped them lose two thirds of the vote last fall in the under 30 category. Homophobia and the accompanying fear and hatred are a phenomenon primarily limited to the crowd of old white folks that makes up the GOP base. Young people will have none of it. Witness the widespread acceptance shown to Jason Collins this week. Gay marriage will be the norm in this country fairly soon. Bisbee should be proud. Horne should sit down and shut up, although his resignation would be a more preferable option.

The GOP is slowly dying from overwhelmingly self-inflicted wounds. They chose to fire up their base with hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric from the likes of now disgraced former shadow governor Russell Pearce. They lost 70 percent of the Hispanic vote to Obama. The GOP embraced racist strategies with Ronnie Reagan’s Welfare Queen and George H.W. Bush’s Willie Horton tactics. They lose 95 percent of the African-American vote. They cling to their irrational fear of gay people and lose badly among young voters. Idiotic statements about rape and abortion cost them two seats in the United States Senate last fall. GOP positions on abortion and contraception cost them dearly amongst women voters. Are you trying to lose on purpose, or was all of this self-inflicted harm just an accident?

Sooner or later someone in the GOP will have to rise to the challenge and begin addressing these issues. Are they going to change their positions on issues like immigration and gay rights, or will they go down to defeat after defeat clinging to their old bigoted ideals?

Why, though, would you want to address tough issues like this head on? When you could just nit pick your way through a newspaper column and fire off another meaningless shot in a war you’ve already lost. Sound and fury, signifying nothing. In a tale told by …..

Speaking of wars that your side is losing, did you see the whammy Jeff Flake and Kelly Ayotte took in the polls over their votes on background checks? Ouch. Ayotte will be toast in 2016. Ditto for Flake in 2018, no matter how many more times he changes sides on the immigration issue.

Montini's column today on the comical gubenatorial campaign of Andrew Thomas was a gem. But with material like that to work with, heck, any columnist could write a greatr column. We should keep the right wing of the GOP around just for comic relief.

If you're interested in a REAL story about media bias and gay people in America, here it is:


Surprise, surprise, surprise. The first openly gay athelete in a major sport in America comes out. Fox News, fair and balanced to the bitter end, looks the other way and barely notices the story. While some creep of a commentator mocks Jason Collins.

Other mainstream news outlets covered the story, as well as covering the surprisingly positive reaction Collins received. Fox News? We just don't want to talk about it.


Wow, Milankovic and Woodman, the left's Dumb and Dumber. Welcome back. So good to hear from you--you've been missed. It's not every day the public is blessed with pure liberal crap (Montini and Valdez are only published a couple of times each week). And just for the record, among other misrepresentations, Willie Horton was an invention of Al Gore, your sainted eco-nut, not H W Bush. Please get your facts straight (am I allowed to use that word in this leftist p.c. world?) before you bloviate.

"Please get your facts straight...."

Hahaha! It's funny because we're talking about gay issues or something. That's not just funny - that's "An American Carol" funny. Well, done RonJ but don't waste your talents here. Get ti the Improv ASAP.

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