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When will Arizona finally be spared the rantings of this _______ (you fill in the blank)? She sits in her ivory tower (or is it her silver trailer?), spews forth nothing but leftist, hypocritical tripe, and for the most part makes no sense. She doesn't just come from out of left field, she's not even in the ballpark.
Gore Vidal and Truman Capote were not friends, to say the least. When Capote died, Vidal was reported to have said, "Great career move." I would be willing to put Linda Valdez in that same category.

From the photo, I'm guessing it IS her silver trailer. She's a hack. Pure and simple. She used to be on public television here in Tucson airing her dingbatty opionions. Really sad. Even sadder realizing we have to pay for the crap that goes out over the airwaves in terms of forced taxpayer support to a TV station.

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