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I will continue to quote one of our great Founders (and ironically one the left's historical icons) Thomas Jefferson: "The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."
Also, one of my favorites from the Gipper, Ronald Reagan: "My two favorite parts of the newspaper are the comics and the corrections."
Unfortunately, today's newspapers make more mistakes and fewer corrections.

When SB 1070 was passed, the right wing spent months and months yelping that "70 percent of Arizona voters supported" this piece of unconstitutional racist crap. Their yelping was based on one obviously skewed poll. The big lie that 70 percent of Arizona voters supported SB 1070 was finally exposed when Russell Pearce was recalled and sent home whining, then sent home whining again in last year's GOP primary. SB 1070 was not supported by 70 percent of Arizona voters. It was not even supported by 50 percent of Republican voters in East Mesa.

Legitimate polls conducted by Quinnipiac University in three different states found support for expanded background checks to be well above 90 percent. Yes, 90 percent.

The right wing remains rather quiet on this point. Big noise about bad polls that "prove" what they want to believe. Silence on real polls that conflict too much with their fantasy world.

Jeff Flake's "no" vote was worse than a disgrace. He just flipped the bird at 90 percent of American voters. The NRA is more important than the wishes of an overwhelming majority of American citizens.

No amount of whining changed Russell Pearce's rapid descent into disgrace and wacko talk radio lah lah land. No amount of whining about media bias changes what Jeff Flake did. He was actually one of the few conservatives in Arizona politics I had much respect for. His quadruple flip-flop with a triple twist on the immigration issue took away most of that respect. His campaign robocall to my house last fall, encouraging the two registered Democrats living there to be sure to vote next week, at the wrong polling location, did not help much either. This finishes the job.

It is completely incorrect to assume that the background check bill would have had no chance in the House of Representatives. The Republican majority in the House has caved in several times already since Obama's re-election. They may be stupid, but they are not quite dumb enough to ignore the obvious writing on the wall from last November. Their majority endured only because of well jerrymandered districts thanks to their win in 2010. It will not last much longer. My hunch is that even Crying John the Speaker would have shed some big tears, lit up another cigarette, gulped a big bottle of very expensive wine, cancelled his golf date and voted for it.

Flake's vote was a disgrace. The day of the vote, I believe, will be long remembered as a shameful day in American democracy. Whine about that all you want.

The real shame is that the Republic engaged in a shameless witch hunt against the Pulitzer-winning reporter Casey Newton, running him out of town, because he was the ONE reporter who dared report the TRUTH! Ms. Sanders is merely a soldier in the fascist Gannett regime. I will say however that Goodykoontz has some pretty good movie reviews...so there's that.

"Legitimate polls conducted by Quinnipiac University in three different states found support for expanded background checks to be well above 90 percent. Yes, 90 percent."

You might want to try actually reading the poll results. You'll quickly find that it's not so simple as all that.

And BTW, 1000 or so random adults that actually answer the phone when an unidentified person calls does not an accurate sample of the electorate make. Especially not here in AZ.

The Senators who voted no are smart enough to know that. How about you?

Some of us read the polling data. Some of us did not.

Some of us took a statistics class in college and aced it, also. Some of us probably did not.

MItt Romney and the stellar team of political experts he assembled around him willfully chose to ignore the validity of correctly conducted polls last November. They walked face first into a humiliating disaster on election night, utterly confident of their victory and without even as much as a rough draft of a concession speech prepared. Idiots.

The Quinnipiac polling numbers approach 2000, not 1000. Back in 1936 a dude named George Gallup discovered that as you approached that number, or exceeded that number, of randomly selected voters, your results became increasing precise. Gallup accurately predicted the FDR over Landon massacre, whilst a non-randomized poll by a popular magazine, with hundreds of thousands more responses, predicted a Landon victory. Mr. Landon did not win.

Quinnipiac has an excellent track record of accurate polls. They're a university. They do things right. Compare their results to Rasmussen and to those of the now embarrassing company that bears Mr. Gallup's name, and you will see for yourself the stark difference between correct polling methods and deliberately incorrect methods. Rasmussen and Gallup have been predicted dozens of laughingly incorrect results in the past five years. Quinnipiac has been dead on the mark.

The poll on background checks on gun purchases is as accurate as the pre-election week polls that showed President Obama winning a close but decisive victory in the popular vote while easily winning the Electoral College.

Ignoring scientific reality has gone from an annoying habit of the right wing to a near obsession. Creating your own reality via skewed polls and Fox News has its limitations. Such as, just to name one small example, some rather jarring collisions with the real world when real people walk into the voting booths and actually vote. All the skewed polls in the world didn't save Romney. Some attention to little things like facts and science might have spared him some extreme embarrassment.

Wow, a statistics class, eh? Some of us spent twenty years performing multi-variate regression analysis on time-series data for investment portfolios.

But I wouldn't know anything about statistics ...

So which polling data did you read? The January series from NJ (1600+), PA (1100+), and VA (1100+)? Or the April national poll (1000+)? Neither had 2000, unless they failed to teach basic arithmetic in your statistics class. Nor were they likely voters, only registered voters.

Not to mention, all of this begs the question. What does it have to do with who will show up to vote when Jeff Flake runs for re-election?

Leftists, while they may mouth off on a lot of subjects, may or may not be passionate enough to vote him out on this basis alone. Gun owners, on the other hand, vote their guns. If Sen. Flake sticks by us, we'll back him up when election time comes. If he screws us, we won't forget.

That's why the NRA has a significant voting block, and that's why they wield a lot of clout. It has nothing to do with money. Mikey the Mouth or George "Move On, please!" Soros could buy the NRA, lock, stock and barrel, several times over. But money isn't enough.

You've got to believe, buddy boy. Money may be fun, and it may be useful, but belief will change the world.

4000 of our soldiers died for ablesutoly nothing due to your partys fcking idealistic, apologetic jism. Dont even get me started on Egypt or the kissing of Irans ass because it will render you a complete fckin idiot who doesnt spend much time thinking of whats cumming out of his pie hole So what would be your suggestion? Double down? Oh, wait, we already did that?What comes after double-down?Maybe, it is like the line from Animal House.Iran? Dead.Egypt? Dead.Pakistan? Dead.Niedermeyer? Dead.

Yes, AE, Operation Fast and Furious is merely just Republican B-S. Try seillng that to the families of the two Federal agents killed by weapons obtained through the program. Or to the thousands of Mexicans murdered by guns that Eric Holder and Barack Obama sold to the drug lords. Nope, no scandal here. Nothing to look at. Nothing to see. I suppose that is why all of those documents must be kept away from the public's eyes. I suppose that is why Obama is claiming executive privilege to block transparency.

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