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No surprise here. EJ Montini is a lapdog for all things Democratic Party. He changes his tune depending on who is speaking. If it's Bush--it's bad; if it's Obama--it's good, no matter what the issue.
In answer to your query about what will Arizona Republic management do about Montini's outrageous comments--you are correct: nothing, just like before, and just like everywhere else in leftist circles.

Basher al-Assad has several things enabling his grotesque actions.

He knows perfectly well he has full impunity from any action by the United Nations. His dear friend Vladimir Putin has a permanent seat on the security council, with veto power. al-Assad can do whatever he likes, Putin will veto any attempt by the UN to respond.

Also enabling this monstrous murderer is, of course, George W. Bush. Bush and Cheney FUBAR'ed the invasion and occupation of Iraq so badly that Great Britain and the United States of America are essentially paralyzed. Heckuva job there, Brownie.

Even more grotesque on the list of enablers, though, is the Republican Party. The party of hawks who took us headlong into a massive quagmire in Iraq won't support any action by President Obama. If Obama introduced legislation declaring September 22 to be National Grandmothers Day, the GOP would be against it. They will be against anything Obama is for. They can get away with it, no matter how badly they damage their own country, because Obama is black.

as-Assad is thus virtually assured that the mass murder of nearly 1500 civilians, including hundreds of children, will go unpunished. He's probably contemplating doing it again. If the Congress votes against military action, he probably will. Who's going to stop him? Rand Paul and Ted Cruz?

Comparing opponents of a military strike on Syria to people ignoring a rape in progress? Pretty mild, in my world. Bush and the Republican party are enabling mass murder.

Boundaries of decency? Ah, slay me, just one more time. When Patterson apologizes to Jerry Lewis for the crap he smeared him with, I'll believe in boundaries of decency.

What's even more hypocritical is that this is coming from the same newspaper that was calling for the ratcheting down of political discourse after the Giffords shooting. Wow.

Seriously? The Left's argument continues to be that Republicans oppose Obama's policies because he's black? Really? It has nothing to do with the facts; it has nothing to do with honest disagreement over foreign or domestic policy that has been debated for decades; it has nothing to do with one party favoring the redistribution of wealth, expanding every welfare program, raising taxes on producers, increasing our deficit exponentially, opening up our borders to illegal immigrants. None of that is reason to oppose Obama--but only because he's black. Amazing. What a juvenile and racialist comment. You guys really need to find a new gig.

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