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Since the Bible condones rape, slavery and murder, I really don't think that it should be used to illustrate the moral high ground about any subject.

Condones? Not sure what Bible you're reading.

Who would Jesus throw off of AHCCCS?

I have to say I'm terribly disappointed that the referendum to put the expansion of Medicaid in Arizona failed to make the ballot. Heck, the signed the petition six or seven times. I was eagerly looking forward to the Great Schism in the Arizona GOP playing itself out in full battle dress with guns and mud slinging recklessly in every which direction. Whilst thousands of people were forced to go without health insurance. What better way to illustrate, for all to see, the horrendous damage inflicted on our country and our people by right wing extremists taking over a major political party?

Oh well. We'll have to wait until the 2014 primaries for Republican Armageddon to begin.

And who would Jesus have thrown off of AHCCCS, anyway? Did He not make His stance on health care and the poor utterly and perfectly clear? Apparently not clear enough for right wing would be Christians. But then, who am I to judge?

To Ron J.- Have you actually read the whole Bible, or just parts of it?
Judges 21:10-24 - murder and rape
Numbers 31:7-18 - murder and rape
Deuteronomy 22:28-29 - laws of rape
2 Samuel 12:11-14 - murder of babies
Exodus 21:7-11 - sex slaves

These are just a few - there are many more.

Even Maureen Dowd opposes Obama's Syria policy: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/11/opinion/dowd-who-do-you-trust.html?_r=0

Does Montini have any credibility whatsoever? The answer is no. Arizona Republic, please replace this fossil.

Bruce: If you want to get into a Bible debate, you are going to lose that one big time. As is so often the case with non-believers, your quotes are taken out of context and you forget the most important aspect: If the Bible is true (and I believe it is the revealed word of God), then whatever God told his prophets to do is the mind and will of God. He has His reasons for doing what He did (including destroying every human off the planet "save eight" in the Flood) and what He continues to do (and allow to be done). Who are any of us to question the mind and will of God who is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, all-just and all-merciful? Without faith, you cannot begin to understand the Bible and its message. We still like you anyway.

Still deleting any comments you don't like?

Greg here: I haven't deleted any comments other than those spam Viagra ads. So I don't know what your are talking about.

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