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Just another example of why Romneycare was a bad idea that Barack Obama should never have considered for his health care reform.

If you'd left it up to the Democrats, we'd have debated over a national health care system, like the ones used very successfully in the UK and all of the Scandanavian countries, versus the Medicare for everyone model used very successfully in Canada, Australia, and South Korea. If you're going to keep the private, for profit health insurance industry alive, but give health care to everyone, then you have to make some rules about coverage provided and costs. Not everyone is going to like the rules.

Maybe the Heritage Foundation was totally wrong when they initially proposed Romneycare as an alternative to the Democrats ideas. Maybe Senator Orrin Hatch was wrong when he introduced the first piece of legislation in Congress that required everyone to buy insurance and imposed a tax penalty on those who did not. Maybe Governor Mitt Romney should not have signed the idea into law in Massachusetts. Maybe he should not have run for president in 2008 with Romneycare for everyone in the United States as his health care proposal.

Or perhaps their might have been another way. Maybe the GOP could have taken ownership of what really, truly was their own idea. Then they might have helped to solve some of the problems with their own idea, such as the ones sited in the above article. Then, God forbid, they might have received some credit when millions and millions of millions of low income Americans actually get health insurance because of a Republican idea. And find their lives are vastly improved because of it.

But nah, they've got to be against anything and everything Barack Obama is for. Obama Derangement Syndrome at its absolute finest. After all, he's black. Poor white people won't give him credit when they get health insurance because of a law passed by a black president. Will they?

Lemme see,

NOT ONE Republican voted for Obamacare, but it's their fault.

Who's deranged here?

Schadenfreude. That WOULD about sum up the prevailing overall Republican "vice" since 2009. EXCEPT that schadenfreude doesn't really include the against-America's-interest actions of the large majority of the GOP in trying to prevent the President from achieving successes (and the resulting popularity).

Doug, you completely missed Dona's point: Republicans coulda and shoulda been working to craft the best reforms possible. And, given the origins and the free-market philosophy of Obamacare, the GOP coulda/shoulda been claiming credit and fine-tuning, instead of grandstanding/under-funding/subverting.

"the origins and free-market philosophy of Obamacare" Are you out of your mind!? Well, of course you are--you're a liberal.
True conservatives--not the fake ones in DC--oppose Obama not because he's black, but because we oppose all liberalism in all its nefarious forms: "progressivism," socialism, fascism and communism. We oppose it (them) because it destroys moral agency, the incentive to improve oneself, and it steals from producers to give to unworthy non-producers.

So, Paul, what you're saying is that an opposition party is meaningless. The GOP should abandon whatever principles it has left and cave into whatever our President wants. Not exactly the blueprint our founders had in mind. You think the GOP opposes Obama for the sheer fun of it without regard for concerns that perhaps his policies are unwise. You're entitled to your opinion, but you miss the uncomfortable fact that Obamacare did pass, it's managed by the Obama administration, it has not been defunded, and despite the GOP attempts to short-circuit it, the law stil took effect - to disastrous results. And yet somehow it's the GOP's fault. There's no logic to that argument. I wish the Dems would take credit or responsibility for something just once.

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